500 km / h for crossover


The promising crossover Bugatti Chiron can accelerate up to 500 km / h. For comparison, the previous speed record holder among serial cars Koenigsegg Agera RS has managed to overcome the mark of 447.19 km / h.

The development of a three-door crossover Bugatti Chiron is completed. It has already been shown to some potential buyers and influential persons from the top managers of the Volkswagen concern. About this Chapter Bugatti Stephen Winkelman spoke in an interview with Automobile Magazine.

«Design ready. Some potential customers saw him, and they liked it. One or two influential person in Wolfsburg was welcomed by him, «said Winkelman.

Despite the fact that everyone liked the crossover, due to the lack of funds, the company had to postpone the implementation of the project. According to Winkelman, if the crossover will be given green light, it will almost certainly receive a hybrid or fully electrical power plant and can accelerate up to 500 km / h. But the latter will be possible only if tire manufacturers can make rubber capable of withstanding such speed.

As for the construction of the sedan, the head of Bugatti stated that if we release the second model, it should be definitely more profitable and in this case the crossover is preferable because it will be in great demand. Direct answer to the question about the appearance of the open version of Chiron Winkelman did not give, but his phrase «let’s wait and see», journalists of the publication regarded as a hint that Grandsport / Grand Sport Vitesse is under development.

In October 2017, Hypercar Koenigsegg Agera RS acted from 0 to 400 km / h and stopped for 36.44 seconds, exceeding the Bugattichiron result in a similar exercise by almost 5.5 seconds. In December of the same year, he became a speed record holder among serial cars. Afterbid to 447.19 km / h, he improved the record recorder — Bugattiveyron — 16 km / h.

The first to reach a mark of 500 km / h, several automakers want immediately. For example, Hennessey wants to overcome this high-speed barrier with the new Venom F5, and Koenigsegg is preparing a faster version of his new hypercarajko. Among the potential candidates for the record