Ambitious haval turns about Koreans


Chinese automaker Haval wants to increase 8 times the sale of crossovers on the Russian car market 8 times and dial Hyundai and Kia.

As «Thunder among the clear sky» the words of the executive director «Havale Motor Rus» were sounded (he, by the way, took the Datsun brand on the Russian market) that by 2025 the Chinese automaker Haval expects to sell 100,000 crossovers and take at least a minimum 5% of the domestic market, in addition, still sustain the current leaders of the Korean brand Hyundai and Kia.

And these are serious plans. Most of these 100 thousand cars are planning to produce in Russia. These are the words of the Director-General of Havale Motor Rus Cheng Xiaoguana.

He spoke about the planned dynamics. Last year, Haval sold 3,213 crossovers in Russia. The current year plan is 12,000 pieces, in 2020 already — 25,000 crossovers. Today has a HAVAL 72 dealer in the territory of the Russian Federation, and next year their number will pass for a hundred.

Korean crossovers Hyundai and Kia called their main competitors. «We have a goal for five years what Koreans made for 15-20 years old,» said Zhero this.

Last year, the cumulative sales of Korean brands in the Russian Federation amounted to about 170,000 crossovers. The most popular Korean crossover Hyundai Creta has been separated by 66,432 pcs. His price tag 957 thousand — 1,335 thousand rubles. The most popular crossover of the Chinese brand HAVAL H6 (1 167 pcs.) Is offered for 1,127 — 1 322 thousand rubles.

The model line of Korean brands crossovers is presented in the main dimensional classes — B, C, D. At the same time, they are produced in the territory of the Russian Federation. At the factory in St. Petersburg for three years from the conveyor comes with Hyundai Creta. At the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad, KIA Sorrento crossover is available at the full cycle, and the remaining Hyundai Tucson models, Kia Sportage and other small-sized models. Soon Kia Seltos will join them.

Haval also has a plant in Russia, on the territory of the Industrial Park «Knotovaya» in the Tula region. This is the first car factory built by the Chinese in the Russian Federation. In the full cycle mode, the HAVAL F7 crossover and the F7x crossover coupe. Also will soon be adding a frame SUV H9. According to Cheng Xiaoguan in the current year it is planned to collect 3,000 crossovers, and the plan of next year is 20,000 pieces.

Obviously, a calculated on the release of 80 thousand cars per year the plant is subsequently loaded by other models, but while their names are kept secret. However, the choice of the parent company Great Wall is a large — several HAVAL series H and F, and also premium crossovers Wey and pickups.

For this enterprise «Mountain is worth» Tula Governor Alexei Dumin, who recently traveled to a detailed business visit. The purpose of his trip was to visit the Great Wall headquarters, where he coordinated the parameters of the Invest Protract. The delegation also entered the automotive industry in the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation, Alexander Morozov official.

All major foreign manufacturers signed specialtitis-flows with the government (SPIK) for 10 years and it gives them to get very significant benefits. But with Haval Konfrak approved, but not signed.

And it interferes with obtaining certain benefits. Cheng Xiaoguan is confident that the contract will be signed by the end of 2019 and will receive industrial benefits in return for an even greater amount of financial investments. And this, accordingly, will open the process of deepening the localization of the production of Chinese crossovers, which will allow you to conduct a weighted pricing policy.

However, back to the ambitious goal of the Chinese automaker. «Being one is one — it means to be one number one in everything and everywhere,» said Jerome. And listed some terms of success: wide range of cars and dealer network, impeccable service and sales conditions. Haval has already started working in these directions. If this trend is set aside, it may well be that in five years the Chinese will catch up to the Koreans who have left earlier. And even if the number of sold cars, but only on customer satisfaction is already a great success.

It should be reminded that Korean brands form their image for more than 20 years.

Repeat a new brand for such a short time for historical standards is quite difficult. It is important to manipulate prices, carry out shares. And even in this case, the guarantees for obtaining 5% of the share on the Russian market are not.

However, the Chinese do not sit back, and already take quite interesting steps towards their ambitious goal. Just became known that GW Hover is returned to the Russian market, or as we were painted «Patriot’s killer». His sales will start next 2020. The all-terrain route was held and will be sold as a frame SUV HAVAL H5.

Its assembly will also be put on the HAVAL plant itself in the Industrial Park, the nodal Tula region. For the first time, the sale of the Hover model in the Russian Federation began in 2005, it was equipped with a 2.4-liter Mitsubishi 4G64 gasoline engine. In 2007, his assembly was organized at the factory in Gzheli Moscow region. After the devaluation of the ruble in 2015, the car left the Russian market. From 2017 to January 2019, Hover was collected at the Stavropol Plant of Derways under the name DW HOWER with a 2.0-liter gasoline turbo engine.