Another haval on our head


The Chinese automaker «masters» the Russian car market, to the exit to which the HAVAL F7X crossover coupe. The company received on this model approval of the type of vehicle and can now engage in its production and sale.

The crossover coupe just fit into the document, which was previously issued by the HAVAL F7 cross-produced crossover in Russia — especially since the differences in two cars in characteristics and equipped with extremely few.

The compartment with increased road lumen F7X is somewhat characterized by an exterior of the fellow and 5 mm shorter than the standard crossover and 35 mm below. Width and wheelbase remained the same. In the circular condition, the coupe is slightly easier — by 32 kg. In the rest of the other, the document did not even have to edit. The novelty will receive the same turbo engines Great Wall 1.5 L and 2.0 l, developing 150 and 190 hp Accordingly, 7-speed «robots» with two wet clutches.

Recall, externally F7 and F7X differ only in body shape. It is expected that the crossover coupe will receive some options that did not get the first model — in particular, the digital dashboard and the monitoring system of «blind zones».

Until now, at the Plant of the company «Havale Motor Manufekchuring Rus», located in the Tula region, only the Haval F7 crossover was collected. According to the latest information from the company, up to 60 cars have been replaced from the conveyor. Nevertheless, a shortage of a number of packages of this model is preserved. From May to July, the company has implemented 513 HAVAL F7 in Russia, only in July 259 cars. It will be interesting to trace the dynamics of sales of these Chinese cars.

Also, as previously stated representatives of the company, another big crossover Haval H9 will rise to the conveyor by the end of the year.