As Arkana turned out to be five steps ahead of Haval


Sensational results of sales of the latest crossover Renault Arkana in August allow us to talk about a successful start of a new car in the Russian market. At the same time, sales of another crossover began in the dealerships, the production of which is also localized in Russia — HAVAL F7.

Let’s try to compare the results of two new products and make some conclusions.

According to published statistics of the European Business Association over the past August, Renault Arkana rapidly broke into the top 25 Russian automotive market and showed the 24th result, pushing the Czech model of Skoda Octavia C-Class on the 25th place.

Sales Results of the Chinese Brand

But the newest crossover Haval F7 found only 387 buyers at the Khavey Motor Motor Motor Manufekchuring Rus.

That is, the difference between the two new Renault Arkana crossovers and Haval F7 fivefold (!)

But Arkana is still «relative» — while the car is sold only in our country, produced in the capital of our Motherland Moscow, and was developed with the active participation of Russian engineers.

However, the Chinese crossover Haval F7 «blessed» President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the chairman of the PRC Comrade Si. It happened in the Kremlin in June. But the solemn ceremony of the start of the serial release of the Renault Arkana crossover in July by the status was an order of magnitude lower and its honorary guests were the mayor of Moscow Seges Sobyanin, Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov and Director General of Renault Thierry Ballore.

Many will say that August last summer, and its results cannot be considered representative. I had to hear — August the failed month, and the results are better to evaluate in the fall. What I want to argue. Fair, rather, consider the first two months of the year, when the buyer leaves from New Year’s holidays. August usually shows the results somewhat smaller than other summer months.

And yet let’s compare the two of our debutants of the domestic automotive market. There are no complaints to the exterior — these are two stylish crossover with fresh and unresolved design. Note that all the same these two crossovers are positioned several in different segments. In essence, they approximately coincide in the upper configuration of Arkana and the basic HAVAL, where the price tag is about the same.

And yet it is worth noting that the Renault crossover has starting positions much better, since the fame of the brand from Russian car enthusiasts. Brand HAVAL, despite the massive advertising campaigns and rollers with actor Card, the product is still a little-known for a wide range of Russian motorists. And even the beginning of the local production does not play too much in his direction. There are many questions that have a simple car enthusiast not yet a response. And we are not accustomed to risking.

The Renault Arkana exit came to the French brand, as the way. The fact is that the sale of two other Duster crossovers and Kaptur began to decline. And the novelty even in the first month of sales corrected the position of the entire Renault brand, which showed + 12%, in comparison with last year’s August. Next, surely there will be even more impressive results.

In turn, Haval F7 must first catch up with the brand bestseller. The mid-size crossover H6, and then conquer the following heights. Of course, marketers and Haval leadership do our best to promote a novelty in the Russian Federation.

By the way, we have already noted such a moment.

This is symbolic, because as Anatoly Kaltsev told, Renault Renault Manager, in a number of interviews by Russian car publications, when Renoshniki formed the image of the future car, they turned to ordinary Russian motorists and professionals, that is, deeply learned the needs of customers. The creation recipe was such — to make a car not according to the existing canons if it were the usual car of the size class C, then the success would not have been, and there should be such characteristics such as cross-hardness, style, good equipment, full-wheel drive, and for Local production account increase its availability. Apparently, the first results are talking about the correctness of the approach. It remains to be followed by the results of two stylish innovations of the domestic market.