Audi rushed after BMW


The Audi Ingolstad Auto Gauker is still losing in Russia to other German premiums Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Now the efforts of German VAG will be concentrated on the promotion of its premium brand’s popularity.

According to AEB (Association of European Business) for the first seven months of this year, 23.1 thousand cars of BMW brand sold and 22.4 thousand cars Mercedes-Benz sold. The audi indicators are three times less — 8.5 thousand cars.

As reportedly noted by representatives of German companies Mercedes-Benz and BMW, the recipe for success in the Russian market is that their new products reached the Russian buyer as soon as possible.

Ingolstadd company is just with this problem. In addition, at the end of April of the current year, the departure of two failed to unwind the Audi TT and Audi RS models. In addition, until recently, the model range of cars with four rings was not pleased with the diversity. The fans of the brand indicate that the model range of German cars is trimmed, the novelties come to the Russian car market with a large delay and a scant set of modifications. Bearently not leaving the choice of the buyer. A vivid example of access to the Russian car market of the Audi Q7 crossover, which in Russia is represented only with one engine 3.0 TDI, and the Audi Q3 model of the next generation will only get in autumn and with a non-alternative 1.4 TFSI engine and only with front-wheel drive.

But now the situation must change dramatically: for 2020, the Russian division Audi has very big plans. According to official dealers, the next year the output of a very large number of new products and modifications is scheduled.

First, the Audi TT sports car will return, including the Audi TT RS Lighter. True, this will happen in the afternoon. Then the Russian debut of Audi S4 and Audi R8 will be held.

But from the first half of the year in the salons of official dealers, a whole margin of new products will appear. Updated Audi A4 sedan, AUDI A6 and A7 diesel modifications, charged S6 and S7. The updated large crossover Audi Q7 will appear, and finally all-wheel drive Audi Q3. Later in the salons, the sale of a coupling crossover Q3 Sportback will be started.

And that is not all. First electric car

However, not all wishes of Russian buyers will be satisfied. For example, the Diesel version of the Audi Q5 crossover has not yet been confirmed for Russia, and the cross-universal A6 ALLROAD of the new generation is expected, but with unclear delivery time.

So after that, the Ingolstadt automaker will compete in Russia in Russia with its premium rivals.