AvtoVAZ hides the deadlines for the appearance of the flagship model


The flagship model of the domestic auto giant Lada Vesta will acquire within one or two years stepless automatic transmission. This was told by the head of the AvtoVAZ press center Sergey Ilyinsky.

Such uncertainty «

In the spring of 2017, the Quarterly report of AvtoVAZ reported that the company began to work out the issue of installing on cars Lada Vesta stepless transmissions. During the entire period from this point in time, many different contradictory information on the tests, the beginning of the production of this modification of the AvtoVAZ flagship. When the production plan for the release of Lada Vesta is penetrated at the beginning of the year, it was clearly indicated by December as the start of production. There were even published photos of a car with a variator on the conveyor. True, rather, these were testing machines.

Currently, Lada Vesta can be purchased with a 5-speed «mechanical» or «robot». The prices for the car vary from 607 thousand to 881 thousand rubles. It is noted that the appearance of a modification with a safety variator will lead to the increase in the cost of the car, the example is known when the surcharge was 50 thousand rubles for LADA XRAY. This model received a transmission in July. The variator is aggregated with the Renault HR4M motor (1.6 l, 114 hp). The main feature of the unit is that the design uses a two-stage reducer sector. This made it possible to make a transmissision more compact. Also, this solution increases traction characteristics, and is not afraid of lower temperatures, and provides fuel efficiency. If necessary, this type of transmission makes it possible to simulate a manual mode, increases acoustic comfort in the car. It should be noted that the cutting mass of the car, we are talking about Lada Xray, and the road clearance has not changed

And one more point, the Internet was also leaked to the overclocking records of the Lada Vesta with the Jatco variator, which was 12.1 seconds.