AvtoVAZ opened the veil over the «New Niva»


The strategic transition to the new Renault-Nissan alliance platforms of the entire model line of the domestic automaker actually began to be embodied in the work on the new generation of Lada 4×4 all-terrain costs.

Our channel has long drew attention to the words of Vice-President for Purchasing AvtoVAZ Venkatran Mamillapale about the fact that all models that are now in production will soon change with the introduction of a new platform. That is, in other words, the entire model range of LADA cars will be designed on a new «cart».

The domestic automaker binds a new platform from French partners. Recently, representatives of domestic auto giant confirmed this data.

According to them, as a «trolley» for the new «Niva» (LADA 4×4 NEO), the modernized architecture of the French platform CMF B-Ls will perform.

But in addition, she will receive a new front subframe and a motor shield.

And about the new car.

Also, such an interesting detail about a new car was also cooled. It is expected that a new «Niva» will be released in two versions —

As for the design of the car, it will be performed in the signature X-shaped LADA style, which is characteristic of all modern AvtoVAZ models.

Recently conducted Facelifting cars Lada Granta and, soon the planned Lada Vesta, apparently, means that the operation on the translation and these AvtoVAZ models will soon begin to the new platform.