AvtoVAZ reputation depends on the variator


The rescue of the reputation of the domestic automaker AvtoVAZ passed on the highest level.

The head of the press center of the Volzhsky AutoGigant, Sergei Ilinsky, was found that the Lada Vesta car with a stepless automatic transmission will appear «

But now top managers of domestic auto giant joined the process of recovering reputation. During a recent test drive Lada Xray with a variator, Vice President for Sales and Marketing AvtoVAZ, Jan Ptachek, said the Russian Gazette, the Government of the Russian Federation that Lada Vesta appears with the same box in the next few months. What should be interpreted that by December such a car apparently will be put on the conveyor. And the discrepancies in the timing between the statement of Segehen Ilinsky and, consider the top manager of the first row of AvtoVAZ managers, were overcome.

The Jatco JF015E variator will work with the Renault H4MK engine (its power 113 hp, 152 nm of torque). Previously, another specialist AvtoVAZ talked about the benefits of a new box. (see video

The Jatco JF015E resource is at least 250,000 km of run, subject to regular oil change in the box (once in 70,000 km or more often), cleaning the heat exchanger and careful operation (the box does not like aggressive storming of borders). The variator has long been getting rid of child diseases — it is not afraid of low temperatures, long slippers and heavy loads. At the same time, until the first repair of the car usually go 100-150 thousand kilometers.

We will remind, the first model that went on sale with such a transmission became Lada Xray Cross, with a price tag of 846,900 rubles.

Currently, Lada Vesta can be purchased with a 5-speed «mechanical» or «robot» with the same number of gears. Prices for Vesta Sedan vary from 607 thousand rubles to 881 thousand rubles.

Plant Lada Izhevsk, where Lada Vesta is produced, it plans to release 112,000 cars in the current year. For comparison, at the end of 2018, 108,000 cars were shipped to dealers, the model became the bestseller of the Russian market. In March, Lada Vesta with the factory number 300,000, from the conveyor of the Izhevsk Automobile Plant.

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