Baby-blind Hyundai Mighty will become a star of urban transport


In the domestic market of delivering urban trucks replenishment: Hyundai Mighty is broken into the segment. This is a more modern version of the popular Hyundai HD78.

What is going to «take» this cargo car? If you look at a snapshot, you can see some common features with Isuzu trucks. Square cabin and large vertical headlights give the similarity.

Such cabins of Asian trucks in a driver’s environment are often called «suicide», or «20 cm from death.» The driver and passengers really look unprotected. But the creators of the new Korean truck assure that with their safety, everything is fine, the doors are installed in the door, 37% of the box-cabin parts are made of high-strength steel, and in addition, the airbag already exists in the basic equipment.

By the way, the creators of the car and the interior are satisfied. In comparison with the HD78, the interior has become much ergonomic. The front panel copies the shapes like modern passenger models of the Korean brand. At the same time, driving a new truck driver should be more convenient than in HD78. Our drivers have a higher average height, so they were given more space for the feet, and the seat can move 5 cm further. Also did not forget the steering column: it is now adjustable in two planes. The use of thicker double seals made it possible to significantly reduce the noise level inside the cab.

In the Russian market, Hyundai Mighty will be available in three versions. The hardest of them has the designation EX9 with a complete mass — 8.5 tons. Load capacity — 5.71 tons. Such Mighty will be equipped with a 170-strong 3.9-liter diesel engine with a maximum torque of 608 nm and 6-speed mechanics.

Lighter MIGHTY options with EX8 and Ex6 indices will have a total weight of 7.8 and 6.5 tons, respectively. The G8 will be able to take up to 5.26 tons, and the loading capacity of the «six» — up to 4 tons.

Both options will receive a 2.9-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 160 hp, which develops 392 nm of torque. Gearboxes are also mechanical, but only five-speed. Engines on all modifications meet EURO-5 standards.

The assembly of new Hyundai trucks has already begun on the Kaliningrad Plant «Avtotor». First, in September, the most lifting MIGHTY EX9 will be released in September. Prices for it start with a mark of 3.5 million rubles. In November, sales and lighter options will begin. Behind the Mighty Ex6 will have to pay at least 2.96 million rubles, and for more load-lifting EX8 asks at least 3.16 million.

At the same time, Hyundai HD78 remains. Today it costs dealers from 2.98 million rubles.