Given the prospects and requirements for the transport of the future, Mahle is expanding the range of temperature control systems — for cars of today and tomorrow.

• BEHR HELLA SERVICE (BHS) goes under the control of MAHLE Aftermarket from January 1, 2020

• Customers will be provided with a wider and ever-growing range of temperature control systems, including: cooling system radiators, expansion tanks, fans and fan couplings, intercolers, water pumps, as well as a complete range of components for air conditioning systems — as for ordinary cars, so cars with electric drive

Stuttgart / Germany After purchasing a whole BEHR HELLA service package (BHS) by MAHLE Aftermarket, all existing activities of the BHS from January 1, 2020 will be transferred to Mahle. For MAHLE clients, this means providing access to an expanded range of products responsible for controlling the temperature regime in passenger and trucks, as well as in agricultural and construction equipment. Products will be supplied under the Behr brand, and its range will be constantly expanding.

Existing BHS clients will be able to order products using familiar nomenclature numbers, even after
January 1, 2020. They will be valid during the entire transition period. The MAHLE nomenclature numbers will be entered in parallel.