Between mud and off-road


Federal introduces a new tire class to its range — R / T.

The Federal XPlora tire line already includes a number of off-road tires for various purposes:

But now the company is preparing a new model to exit, which will occupy a position between the class A / T and M / T, — FederalXPlora R / T.

Rugged-terrain — off-road tires are not alien asphalt

The R / T index indicates Rugged-terrain — tires close to expressed off-road M / T, but at the same time more adapted to the movement along asphalt roads, which brings them to the All-Terrain class.

Federal did not invent this direction of the development of off-road tires — such models were previously presented to Toyo and Kenda. However, it expects to make this class very popular among the owners of the SUVs.

«The R / T tire segment is designed to satisfy the demand from drivers who want to purchase tires with an aggressive tread pattern and sidewalls, due to this providing excellent permeability and reliability. And at the same time, less noisy and distinguished by a more comfortable move in comparison with standard MUD-terrain tires, «said Stevehutchinson (Stevehutchinson). He also confirmed that the XPlora tires will replace the Couracia family models.

Key Features Federal Xplora R / T

FederalXPlora R / T received a protector with variable block layout, which is designed to reduce the noise level.

The special composition of the rubber mixture reduces the risk of damage when contact with sharp grains of large stones, and the camneepers protect the tire frame from smaller.

Overlooked shoulder areas accelerate the taps of water and dirt, increasing the traction force. The drawing is also optimized for improving courseworthiness.

On the sidewalls there are soils in the form of a double L, increasing the passability of off-road and at the same time providing additional protection of the side walls.

Tests confirmed that Federal XPlora R / T wins in comparison with the «leading competitor» in terms of braking and controllability on dry and wet asphalt, as well as noise. At the same time, there was nothing about off-road quality tires. On the other hand, the assessment of off-road qualities is a more complex and subjective matter, since a good asphalt is almost the same, and the options and «consistencies» of off-road — the uncountable set. And to evaluate which of them the tire will have an advantage over competitors, and on what no — it is almost very difficult.

FEDERAL XPLORA R / T Sidey and Applicability

Tires will be produced in Taiwan. Initially, FederalXPlora R / T will be available in size with a diameter of 17, 18 and 20 inches. Subsequently, the manufacturer plans to expand a sizernary series of 10 options for disks with a diameter of 15-20 inches.

Federal XPlora R / T tires are designed for cars like Chevroletsilverado and Colorado, Ford F-Series, GMC Canyon and Sierra, Jeepcherokee, Grandcherokee and Wrangler, Nissanfrontier and Titan, Toyotatacoma and Tundra, RAM pickups, etc.

In the future, 22-inch tires may appear in the ruler, and Federal Chairman Jamiema (Jamiema) noted that in the presence of appropriate demand, larger tires will be released.

Other models of the Federal XPlora line

During the SEMA 2019 exhibition, which will begin on November 5, the FederalXPlora A / T premiere will be held, the production of which starts in spring or in the summer of 2020.

Also in the nearest plans, the release of Federal Xplora F / X and Federal XPlora SUV models, oriented primarily for use on asphalt.

In addition, the Federal XLPora A / P model will be presented, which will take place between soldier and highway tires, as well as the Federal XPlora X / T tires intended for the extreme off-Round.

To bring the entire line to the market is scheduled for the next one and two years.