BMW goes to hydrogen


Bavarian automaker showed a new hydrogen car at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

BMW I Hydrogen Next became proof that the Bavarian Mark did not throw a hydrogen theme, the development of which began several decades ago.

The BMW I Hydrogen Next is based on the X5 serial crossover. From the base model, the hydrogen car is distinguished by other bumpers and form of optics, as well as abundance of the blue decor in the exterior and three-dimensional pattern on the hood and sidewalls, symbolizing the flow of hydrogen molecules. In addition, BMW I Hydrogen Next has no exhaust system nozzles.

Technical details about the novelty, the company does not report. It is argued that refueling I Hydrogen takes less than 4 minutes, while the reserve of the stroke is large enough, although the exact numbers are not called. The test batch of cars will be ready in 2022, and the small-sector production of the BMW I Hydrogen Next can begin in 2025, but only if there is a demand and sufficiently developed filling infrastructure, which is currently in the infancy.

The company has shown its first hydrogen car in 1979. It was a BMW 520 with a row «six», which BMW engineers adapted under hydrogen fuel. But the most memorable was the BMW H2R racing car, which established nine international and approved FIA records for vehicles with hydrogen-combustion hydrogen engines at the Miramas Test Polygon Speed ​​Highway in France. A stuffed 6.0-liter engine V12 H2R with a capacity of 232 hp, BMW H2R developed the maximum speed of 301.95 km / h. In 2006, the company showed a Hydrogen 7 sedan-based sedan with a cryobalon and a V12 6.0 engine with a capacity of 260 hp.

In 2013, the BMW Group and Toyota Motor Corporation signed a joint work on the technology on hydrogen fuel cell technology, and in 2015 they began to test a small batch of GT 5 SERIES hydrogen cars. In 2016, partners signed an agreement on the joint development of a hydrogen vehicle.