Bosch and CATL will develop a battery for electric vehicles


Electromobilization pushes in the embrace of different partners. Bosch and CATL will create specifications of new highly efficient battery cells, and then based on them, CATL will design and launch these cells into production. They will be the basis for the new 48-volt Bosch batteries.

New batteries will be used in 48-volt hybrid power plants. When entering into an alliance with CATL, Bosch provides a promising source of innovative components for batteries as a supplier of technologies and services.

«We have an idea of ​​modern battery cells, but this does not mean that we must independently build their production,» says Dr. Stefanhartung, a member of the Board of Directors and the Chairman of the Mobility Solutions business sector. — By choosing a CATL for partnership in the production of battery cells, we have entered into cooperation with a company with extensive examination in the field of lithium-ion batteries. In combination with our know-how and experience in the field of batteries management systems, this will allow us to increase the position in the market of 48-volt batteries. «

CATL, one of the world’s leading experts of lithium-ion technologies, is currently building a plant in Erfurt (Germany). According to Bosch’s leadership, the Alliance between the two companies will become another step towards the leadership in the technology market for hybrid cars and electric vehicles. Already today, many world-famous automakers use 48-volt Bosch batteries in their hybrid models.

48 volts — new voltage standard in tomorrow’s cars

The Bosch assortment for 48-volt systems is not limited to batteries and includes other components, such as DC converters and motor generators. Developing technologies in the area of 48-volt systems, Bosch seeks to prepare a technical base for future vehicle requirements for harmful emissions.

The company is ready to offer components to transfer all types of vehicles to use hybrid power plants. The technology combines an internal combustion engine with an electric motor. The transition to 48-volt batteries is necessary for effective energy recovery and electric motor. The implementation of the system has the potential to reduce the consumption of fuel internal combustion to 15%.

«To improve efficiency, it is necessary to use all available energy sources, including the one that is dissipated when braking, Stefan Hartung notes. «Therefore, we are confident that the voltage of 48 volts will be the minimum standard for tomorrow’s cars.» The market of solutions for 48-volt electrical chains is growing all over the world. According to Bosch forecasts, in 2025, about 20% of new cars will have 48-volt hybrid systems. The demand for such systems is growing today, especially in Europe and China. «

Inexpensive battery with 48 volt voltage and simple integration to build hybrid systems

Plant Bosch in Wuxi (China) began production of the first generation of 48 volt batteries at the end of last year. The unique advantage of the latest version of this product lies in the fact that the battery is compact and has passive cooling. This means that automakers can integrate the battery into their cars without installing additional cooling devices and the development of expensive engineering solutions. «We are confident that our new 48-volt battery will take the leading position in the market and will become an affordable and massive solution for hybrid cars,» said Stefan Hartung.

Examination in the field of electric traction

Bosch has the most extensive expertise in the development of solutions for hybrids and electric vehicles in comparison with any other company. To date, the company is aimed at leadership in the mass market of electrical drive systems. According to Bosch estimates, this market will finally be as long as 2020 and will develop further. The company plans to increase sales in this area more than ten times to 2025, reaching the turnover of five billion euros.

Bosch components for electrical power plants are already represented in more than a million cars worldwide. The world-famous provider of technologies and services successfully implemented more than 50 projects to create various electrical platforms. Bosch is leading in the area of vehicle solutions using electric traction on the world’s largest and the fastest growing market of China.

Bosch technology can be found in almost any class of vehicles with electric drive: from children’s wheelchairs, bicycles and scooters to passenger and commercial vehicles. The expertise of the company covers the entire ecosystem of electrical mobility. Thus, Bosch collaborates with various automakers, organizing for users of electric vehicles and hybrids Mobile access to about 40,000 charging stations in eight European countries.