Burned at work


Vlaper, but, unfortunately, the situation is often! Recently overtakened engine, it’s still a kind of rolling, starts to hold again. The owner in despair is an increased oil consumption, uneven work at idle, worse than the thrust, uncertain start at reduced temperatures.

Is there really a capital lap again?

Usually, this happens for two reasons: either the master that has interrupted the engine, «Nault», or the parts for repair turned out to be poor-quality. But to get to the truth, you will have to disassemble the motor. And the faster you eliminate the malfunction, the less damage will be applied to the aggregate.

One of the typical faults that the engine has to be sorting out is the path of the piston. Piston is the main engine item. It is he who first assumes the colossal mechanical and thermal loads arising from the ignition of the mixture in the combustion chamber. And the first is due to the violation of the normal operation of the engine, for example, with overheating due to the resulting thermostat in the cooling system or the jammed fuel injector.

However, the piston or not, it also depends on how well it is made. After all, its design, the materials applied and the manufacture accuracy determines not only the power indicators, but also the engine resource.

Does not add reliability and that each time the engine line is updated, the designers are trying to squeeze out of the liter of the engine working volume more and more power. And therefore, mechanical and thermal loads on the details are increasing. To resist them and in the literal sense, do not burn at work, the pistons must have a necessary margin of strength. Developers have several ways to achieve this. The easiest and reliable thing is to make the walls of the pistons thoroughly so that they become stronger and massive. However, over motorists as a sword damoclov hangs constantly tightening environmental requirements. And in order to keep them, the pistons on the contrary need to facilitate. In particular, reduce the height of the so-called heat belt — the distance from the bottom (top) of the piston to the first compression ring. However, it is possible to press this belt to a certain limit — too thin will not withstand heating and progrit. To accurately calculate the design and choose the necessary materials for only those who have extensive experience in this area.

Therefore, when choosing a piston, it is worth paying attention to the products of well-known manufacturers. Those who have been developing and released for engines for more than a dozen years, in the reliability of which can not be doubted. One of these such is the Japanese company Nippon Piston Ring (many of them are known on the abbreviation NPR). The quality of its parts is checked by perennial deliveries to the conveyors of such auto giant as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Hino, MAN and others.

In Europe and Russia for cars with mileage, Nippon Piston Ring sells parts under the brand NE (abbreviation from NPR of Europe). In addition to the wide range of pistons for European and Asian production cars, piston rings, liners, sleeves, valves, gaskets, glazes, oil and water pumps supply us.

In the production of pistons ne, only debugged technologies and carefully selected materials are used. For example, for gasoline engines, pistons made of aluminum alloys with a high silica, which increases wear resistance. In diesel engines load on the pistons above, so they produce composite pistons — their bottom is made of heat-resistant steel, and the skirt is made of aluminum and cast iron. In order to maximize the wear and provide high information on the guide parts of the piston directly contacting the cylinder walls, antifriction coatings are applied.

Another important competitive advantage of NE pistons is that they are offered to buyers complete with rings, and for some cars — also with fingers and retaining rings. It is convenient, because the pistons always have to change with rings and fingers, and therefore it is not necessary to spend time in search of the corresponding positions. In addition, it is also profitable, since the parts in the kit will cost cheaper than purchased apart.