Changan is preparing to jump


Having occupying a sixth line of sales ranking in China and 21st place in world sales Chinese automaker Changan has refused to jointly produce cars in Lipetsk at the Motorinvest enterprise. But it is not going to leave Russia, but on the contrary, will increase the presence in the Russian car market.

On the Lipetsk enterprise, the Chinese company Changan has produced subcompact subcompact since 2016

After refusing to cooperate Changan with a Lipetsk plant in the Russian automotive industry, in fact we have the third precedent, when a domestic partner with assembly capacities brings cooperation with the automaker to break the relationship.

Recall that for more than a year, the factory «Stavropol Auto» is idle in the regional center of the same name, which at one time led the assembly of Chinese Great Wall cars (models H3 and H5 under the brand Hover).

Next, similar fate has suffered and the neighboring Circassian plant «Dervey», where they produced CHERY and LIFAN cars. In the first two cases, the reason for the termination of cooperation was the financial problems of enterprises and tax debts. Meanwhile, the situation when an enterprise with an annual capacity of 100 thousand cars, with the possibility of assembly at a complete cycle, close to CKD-4 (Body is written entirely, and not from the finished bottom and sidewall), modern Korean paint equipment and plots under the press production is idle Probably wrong. True, the same company Chery found a way out in collaboration with Kaliningrad «Avtotor». And Lifan according to media reports try to enter the production program of the Tula Plant «Havale Motor Manufechchuring Rus».

And now the third precedent with one of the largest automotive companies in the Middle Kingdom. However, for the successful business of business, the Chinese company will probably look for the production site in the territory of the Russian Federation. And that’s why. This Chinese automaker has a developed strategy for the conclusion to the Russian market of almost the entire model range of the company.

So, in this August, dealers in Russia began selling a new crossover

Also soon, according to CEO Changan Motor Rus, Comrade Sun Jeszün, in the fall on the Russian market there will be a compact Changan CS55 crossover, the size of Tiguan. And at the very end of the year, the CS75 crossover will arrive, which will be updated by that time.

Another crossover from the Model line of the Chinese automaker CS95 is scheduled for sales in Russia next year (approximately in the middle of the year).

But it is not all. In the strategic plans of the Chinese company, the conclusion to the market and the whole range of cars — the subcompact sedan Alsvin, which was presented at the Chongqing Motor Shong last year. Some users even found in it features of the domestic car Lada Vesta. And also plans to master the segment of pickups. By the end of 2020, sales of the HEBEI F30 SC rear-wheel drive Pickup are expected on the market. Thus, in the manufacturer’s strategy of intention to bring the full line of crossovers to the Russian Federation, however, while it remains a mystery, and on what site and what model will the Chinese automaker localize?