Chery Tiggo 5 remains in Russia, but will become imported


The Chinese crossroad Chery Tiggo 5 will still remain in the Chery model row in Russia. The car received a formal document confirming its compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations «on the safety of wheeled vehicles» established in the Russian Federation.

Previous document has ceased to work on December 22, 2018. Up to this point, Chery Tiggo 5 cars together with 4-kami and 7-kami were collected at the factory at the Derways plant in Cherkessk. However, the company closed in the second half of 2018.

As the Portal «Chinese cars» believes, since the closure of the Chery enterprise sold the remains of Tiggo 5 Circassian production. Recently, the implementation of the implementation fell. So, in January 2019, the crossover was separated by a circulation of 126 copies. And then each month of sale fell — 68, 36, 19, 11 and 9 cars, respectively. Obviously, dealerships came to an end, and now the «five» can be imported and selling again.

The difference between the characteristics of TIGGO 5 in the old and fresh outtles is not. The car has the same engine 2.0 per 136 hp, 5mkp or stepless variator. Unless an emergency operational service system and a rear-type camera appeared in the list of options. But she had the «five» before. It is worth a crossover from 999,900 to 1,299,900 rubles.