Chinese almera hurries to Russia


Do not cry at the left Nissan Almera, a worthy replacement will be available soon.

There is a feeling that the neighboring Chinese auto industry wants to fill up the Russian car market with its cars. So this time came the next announcement, which forced us to think and conduct some investigation.

On the official website of the Russian representative office of the Chinese automaker FAW appeared the announcement of the Noviki. This is a sedan Faw Besturn B30. In order to attract the attention of the domestic motorist, a very attractive price is 549 thousand rubles. It turns out that this Chinese, without exaggeration «People’s» sedan in the segment of very affordable foreign cars will give only Datsun on-do.

However, before the start of sales for a few months, the novelty will be available in the Chinese brand car dealers next 2020. But attempts to learn more about the novelty of the Chinese automotive industry are stumbled on the unavailability of information.

But our channel was able to learn something about this budget car.

Firstly, its dimensions are approximately equal to the size of the body that the Japanese sedan who left us

Only the platform is still somewhat different.

Another thing that we managed to find out. A 1.6 L gasoline engine is installed on the car, the developing capacity of 109 hp Motor is aggregated with a 6-foot AISIN machine. In principle, the initial data on the car is attractive. By the way, restyling has already been held in the subtybid car.

But that’s what confuses. Today, the car in the Chinese market is sold at a price of from 65.8 to 98 thousand yuan. If you have easy computing, then our rubles are 596-886 thousand rubles.

And remember, the price of 549 thousand rubles is indicated on the website of the Russian representative office of the Chinese automaker.

And here we get up before the development — either this is a taking price to attract the attention of Russian motorists to a good car, or the announcement of the price is a traditional marketing stroke. And in the end, the cost of the car will be somewhat higher.

Our assumption is that such a «pleasant» price is trying to extract lessons from the failure of the previous model of the previous model, similar to the folk sedan. Recall that in the model range of the Chinese automaker, it was recently listed in our car dealers of official dealers of the Faw Oley sedan, whose sales, how to say, failed. Over the past year, everything was sold … 197 Faw Oley sedans. Therefore, they took care in advance with an attractive price for a car on a German platform.