Chinese «heart» of the Minsk truck.


An important event occurred in the Belarusian car industry. On October 14, the production of diesel engines was officially opened at a joint Belarusian-Chinese enterprise Maz-Weichai in the Great Stone Industrial Park, located near Minsk.

What made Belarusian car units to build a partnership with Chinese Motor Builders?

Engine release will be engaged in a joint venture «MAZ-WEYSHY». The total investment in the construction of the plant is about 20 million dollars. The joint venture is a resident of the park and thereby can enjoy benefits and preferences.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Sergey Rumas, Minister of Government visited the Solemn Starting Ceremony of the Plant. And from the Chinese side there was a deputy governor of the province of Shandong Lin Wen, Chairman of Weichai Corporation Tan Sugun.

Actually the plant itself takes a small territory of 3.5 hectares. Engines will initially produce through small-sized assembly, and simultaneously increase the level of localization of production. The level of localization at the factory, according to experts, is 18%. Kits for assembling engines are imported in a disassembled and semi-discharged form from China.

For an enterprise there is a very wide range of motors — here will produce

A year ago, a trial launch of production took place at the factory. Since then, more than 780 engines have been collected. The plans before the end of the year are another 500 engines.

Now let’s ask the main question. What prompted Belarusian partners to cooperate with the Chinese Industrial Company?

Most of the motors will be used when assembling automotive equipment of the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ). Also about a third of the product can be exported to the CIS countries and far abroad. All MAZ maintenance stations in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are ready to ensure their warranty and post-warranty service. Previously, Belarusian trucks have already equipped with WEICHAI engines, and those well shown well in the country and abroad. In particular, since 2014, a line of trucks with engines of the WEICHAI environmental class Euro-4 and Euro-5 are produced at the Minsk Automobile Plant.

It is clear that one of the driving motives has become

Secondly, few people remember that several years ago, negotiations were held on partnership between Kamaz and MAZ, which ended with nothing. The Belarusian side then declared that in fact the Russian side were proposed for the conditions for the absorption of the MAZ. What kind of Belarusian partners could not go. Suppose that for the confirmation of the independent status of the Belarusian automotive industry and the appeal to the Chinese side.

The offer to build a motor plant in Belarus was first discussed in 2016 during the visit of the head of state Alexander Lukashenko to China. Then the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed. The project received approval and support from the Chairman of the PRC Si Jinping.

Also, the Maza partner is German Daimler AG. For many years, Mercedes-Benz engines are supplied on the MAZ. But despite the long-standing cooperation with the German partner, the risk of falling under sanctions is also probably taken into account.

The official launch of motor production in the Great Stone Industrial Park matures only the first stage of cooperation. The second stage is the construction of a plant for the production of transmissions. Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Sergey Rumas called the next stage of cooperation with Weichai. The company plan to build by the end of 2020. The owner is the joint venture «Fast MAZ» created by the Minsk Automobile Plant with the Chinese company Shaanxi. Annual capacity will be 10 thousand transmissions.

«Construction has already begun. And looking at this project, we have no doubt that the new project will be as successful. It is very nice that our chinese partner does not stop on this «,