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Russian roads were and remain an endless «strip of obstacles»: again and again they check for strength every detail of the car. In such conditions, proper breathing is the basis of success for people, reliable filtration — for cars. It is the filter that determines the quality of the life of the car and means comfort and the cost of its operation for the owner.

Features and advantages of FINWHALE filters in comparison with competitors

The struggle for survival in asphalt jungle leads two: a car and man, they are in this fight — the allies. For victory it is necessary to protect both the knots of the car, and the human body, without spending tremendous forces and resources. The answer has already been proposed: first of all, to give yourself and breathe freely. So, carefully pick up filters.

FINWHALE® Filter Line is developed by the European Engineering Center. Production is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, the filter designs are used exclusively premium materials. So, the filter canvas from the leader among European manufacturers are used as fillers. Do not forget the system of 100% quality control … and at the output we get a FINWHALE® product, ready to give a car and people in its salon full of breath.

We have already presented each type: air, oil, fuel filters — and separately «human-saving» salon filters.

Filter from the inside

The base of the product is the filter fabric. Its characteristics, composition, impregnation and number of layers can be varied depending on the appointment of the filter. But all the types and articles of the ruler have a common performance for quality: it is significant, exceeding the indicators of analogs on the market, the area of ​​the filtering surface. The active area of ​​the filter is its resource and efficiency. It can be increased due to the density of packing and the method of laying the canvas. Enhances positive properties High quality material. Outcome — technical and consumer benefits:

• Filtration subtlety and reliable pollution protection;

• Low hydrodynamic resistance, low airflow resistance;

• High mud and dusting;

• tightness;

• Significant resource.

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We know what inside filters? Check this knowledge test

For the test: car mass segment — Ford Focus II and FINWHALE® air filter. Comparison of characteristics is carried out with two medium and low price filters, as well as with the product of the premium segment.

Sample number 1

Sample number 2.

Sample number 3.

Sample number 4.

Test Methods

The tests were carried out according to the requirements of ISO 5011. For the test, the regular air filter body was removed from the car, in turns in turn and installed different filters. The housing was fixed on the pipe with devices. Through this pipe, the fan pulled the air from the dispenser sprayer. This dispenser was submitted to the air flow test doses of the dust fraction of a certain type.

How was the test?

Before installing on the stand, each filter was measured
And weighed, the same was done in relation to the initial amount of dust. The filter was then mounted in the housing on the stand. The exhaust fan and sprayer turned on.

The test continued until the air filter created the maximum allowable resistance. For a worn filter, this parameter is known and is
2 kPa. During the test, several control measurements were carried out (weighing). The effectiveness of the filter was determined through the amount of dust that it delays.

We will specify that according to the requirements of manufacturers, the new filter must have an effectiveness of 97%, and operated — at least 99%.


The starting measurements revealed a significant difference in the initial resistance and the curtain square at the competitors’ filter. Another confirmation that different manufacturers use different materials on permeability. Measures are shown in the table.

It would be logical to assume: the larger the surface of the curtains, the smaller should be the resistance and above pyleomkost. Which in practice is not entirely true. Sample №4, a manufacturer from South Korea, had an impressive filter area … curtains, but showed the lowest pyleomkost and efficiency. Probably, the case in low quality filter cloth. And naturally, it is — the last place in the test and conclusion: the use of such a filter is not beneficial to the consumer, it can cause damage and reduced engine life. This imposing the costs of the refurbishment.

The filter of the Chinese manufacturer — sample number 3 — he behaved a little better. The effectiveness of its filtration was higher, but still did not reach the norm. Add: The cost of this filter is sufficient high. Conclusion: the ratio of «price-quality» is unsatisfactory.

Now about the leaders of the test

The first place on the initial and final filtration efficiency took sample number 2. This is a premium filter of the European manufacturer. But such a quality can not cost cheap: the product is much more expensive than all other dough participants. It really is in a different price niche and for car owners is not an alternative to three budget samples, and may not be considered when choosing — «not by pocket.» According to the characteristics, the filter is not ideal: he lost sample No. 1 in dust, and therefore in the resource. Conclusion: From the point of view of optimal costs, a costly and reliable premium filter is not appropriate.

Sample No. 1 — FINWHALE® filter, confirmed the largest area of curtains and proper material in the test: it showed low airflow resistance and the highest dust. Both key parameters — at the highest level! Such a complex of properties guarantees a high filter resource: the more dust it holds to its fill, the better. In this case, the cost of the filter is very attractive. Conclusion: balanced product and properties and price; The leader of a comprehensive assessment.

After the test

The results of the study confirmed: the totality of the parameters of operation and the economy is the best choice — FINWHALE® filter. It corresponds to the level of quality premium segment at a bargain price. It is available to the consumer and will not let down in difficult conditions. The dynamics and power of the car will be the best as the cost of its service. Over two reasons for good mood!

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