Components of the heating system, ventilation and air conditioning DENSO


The climate control system has long ceased to be luxury. Drivers belong to her as due. And this means that the replacement of the system components can become a profitable business destination for your service station. In this article, it is described in detail in this article by the thematic cycle, as in our test center in Eching, DENSO components are tested for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVK) system. Thanks to such detailed tests, DENSO is absolutely confident in the exceptional reliability and durability of their own products, as well as in the fact that, acquiring data components, one hundred is not just a product corresponding to the characteristics of the original product — they receive a component with higher working and operational characteristics.

Bavaria — the Citadel of the Automotive Industry of Germany. This is the place where BMW and Audi won their reputation for manufacturers of car premium quality. And it is here, in the commune of Eching, there is a DENSO test center. In 1994, in the industrial park near Munich, DENSO launched one of the most modern aerodynamic pipes in Europe with imitation of weather conditions. In 2003, the center of the Center increased three times, up to 7800 m²: two new test chambers for cars were added, five stands for testing components and a laboratory for testing materials. It is here that DENSO specialists carefully check the components and systems of ARK, intended for the conveyor configuration of the cars to ensure their compliance with the highest standards installed by automakers, international legislation and internal DENSO specifications. In the end, these components go to the market after-sales car service, so you can be completely confident in the spare parts that are used in your service station: they have passed severe tests at the development stage of the respective original components.

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Test camera with aerodynamic pipe

Despite the fact that the hot summer is becoming increasingly ordinary phenomenon, fortunately, the temperature above + 50 ° C is rare. However, it is precisely such a temperature in our test chamber with an aerodynamic pipe — the heat load indicators from solar radiation can reach up to 1200 W / m2. In this case, the lower temperature limit can reach -30 ° C. Thus, the imitation of all possible operating conditions of the car is achieved. The intensity of solar radiation strongly affects the management of the OWK system. The complex technologies used in our climate chamber make it possible to imitate any position of the Sun and the direction of the wind when performing tests associated with heating and cooling in the temperature range from -20 to +50 ° C. All this is created to optimize our air conditioning and heating systems.

High-quality musical system is a mandatory attribute of modern cars, and no one wants to make noise from the air conditioning system to enjoy the music. For this reason, we experience and optimize our systems in an acoustic chamber at the earliest stage of development. The technology of «artificial head» allows you to record all unwanted sounds, even the most quiet. So we can localize the source and eliminate the noise. We even have a test bench to check the unwanted noise feedback between the engine and the air conditioner compressor. However, this does not end — we spend even more sophisticated tests in a special chamber for acoustic test components. In it, we estimate the acoustic characteristics of our components for automotive OWK systems, localize the sources of unwanted sounds and we optimize the component accordingly.

Camera for acoustic test components

Sophisticated teamwork is the key to the successful operation of a hundred. The same can be said about OWK systems: the better the individual components are adjusted to each other, the better the entire system works. It is for this that our climate chamber and aerodynamic tube are intended. For example, here we experience the air conditioner compressor, placed in the imitation of the engine compartment, which creates the ambient temperature to +120 ° C. To ensure optimal performance, we can also mimic any temperature of the incoming air and test thermal pumps on carbon dioxide CO2. Our governing principle can be described by the famous words of Aristotle’s sage: «The whole is more than the sum of its parts.»

Comfort in the car is also due to the stability of the temperature and the uniformity of its distribution. As the sizes of heat exchangers decrease, the problem of temperature distribution in the OWK system becomes increasingly pressing. To eliminate leaps of temperature or need to constantly adjust the OWK system with manual control, we thoroughly test all the components responsible for air conditioning or air heating in the temperature control chamber.

Temperature Control Camera

3D printing of automotive components? Eching has four ultra-modern 3D printer to create prototypes and prototypes. Since car development time is reduced, we need a frequent change in the size of DENSO components for OWK systems. 3D printers are an ideal solution for creating prototypes and prototypes with complex geometry based on data system of automated design (CAD). To confirm the performance of our products at an early stage of development, simulations based on CAPR models are used. The experience of our designers and simulation specialists in the creation of software is complemented by technologies for working with metal and non-metallic materials owned by our material science engineers. Thus, all DENSO components for OWK systems are made from materials with the best mechanical, microstructural and electrochemical properties.