Create your light!



Hella, an expert in the field of automotive lighting systems and electronics, the first on the market offered a comprehensive solution for the design of complex automotive lighting systems — Light Design Light Designer («Create your Light»). This is a universal modular system in which light and electronic technologies are combined.

The system allows you to select the components of the complex light system on the modular principle using the constructor. Computer simulation of headlighted functions is carried out using a high-tech Alisia system. Gain graphic animation designer allows you to create individual luminous animation scenarios.

How it works?

Light Design is a convenient functional tool with which automakers can simulate the configuration of complex lighting systems and reduce the cost of integrating new systems into existing vehicle models.

Sophisticated systems can be collected from simple modules: starting with headlights and ending with electrical control units and sensors. There is a functionality for creating interfaces in order to interfacing various components, which makes it possible to provide an optimal lighting system for the driver.

Clients who acquire a modular product can use the Alisia and Gain (Graphical Animation Interpreter) system for any types of vehicles.


With the help of a computer simulator Alisia, you can test new headlight functions in a dynamics using computers and set the necessary individual settings. The simulator allows us to be clearly (due to the modeling of real parameters), check how the general light characteristics of the system are changed when you add or exclude individual components until the system is installed assembly to the car.

As for the proposals of other manufacturers, they can be included in the configuration using a convenient configuration change function.


The Gain Animation Designer (Graphical Animation Interpreter) provides automakers the ability to easily and conveniently create light animation scripts, combining various elements: from the engine wiper brushes, individual headlights, backlighting of the radiator grille, combined reverse lights and the interior lighting system, to light animation, which is activated when operating autonomous driving functions.

Individual luminous animation schemes designed by customers can be imported to the car installed on the car by simply pressing the button, which saves the time and costs of the project.