Crossovers have no future


So consider top managers of Western autocontrants.

The leaders of the world’s leading companies are confident that the popularity of crossovers and SUVs will fall sharply in the near future. As the Automotive News specifies, the thing is that the representatives of the younger generation are increasingly choosing stylish sedans, and not cars of increased passability, so as not to be similar to their parents.

«While the industry has not invented a fundamentally new type of body, people will return to what has never been bad,» the edition of the senior vice president of Nissan Alfonso Albais quotes. Add, Nissan in the US market is not going to turn the issue and sales of sedans, as he did in Russia. Recall that Nissan turned the release of Senta Sentra in Izhevsk and

General Director Volvo Khakan Samuelsson also refers to sedans with optimism. He is confident that those who love long-distance travel will not be able to ignore the best aerodynamic characteristics of lower cars.

«I will not be surprised if all this will cause a return to the market of small sedans, especially if you do not need a car size of an SUV,» the head of the company told the publication.

Such unconditional «faith» Top managers Volvo in sedans are one of the reasons why the S60 was the debut model that came down from the conveyor of the first American concern plant. The Swedish automaker plans to export half of the models produced at this enterprise. Cars are likely to be popular where sedans continue to remain a «symbol of success» — for example, in China, Russia and South America.

In the period between 2015 and 2018, in Europe, the demand of the sedans fell by 25%. During the same time, the popularity of medium-sized premium cars decreased by 18%.

In Russia, the trends are opposite. According to the assessment of the Avtostat Analytical Agency, for 8 months of 2019, 325.7 thousand new cars in the body «Sedan» were implemented in our country. It is 7.3% less than in the same period last 2018. According to the experts of the agency, the share of sedans accounts for 31.3% of the Russian market. According to this indicator, they are inferior only to the universal, whose share was 49.9%, since the SUV segment models having the same body type are taken into account. During the reporting period, the sale of universal in Russia also decreased, but not so noticeable (-0.7% to 518.5 thousand pcs.).

In Russia, crossovers will always be popular because of their higher road lumen.

Since the peculiarity of Russian operation in the winter period requires even in large cities to overcome the rammed snow shaft when parking in a street pocket, which is formed in the form of a snow estimate with the roadway. Such shafts are irresistible for the usual sedan with conventional clearance, which can «hang» on the bottom. This is just one cause of the growth in the popularity of the SUV car class on the Russian automotive market. In fact, the share of car class SUV according to the same «autostat» confidently approaches 50% on the Russian car market.

For the same reasons, the CROSS vehicles are popular in the Russian Federation.