Daimler stopped developing motors on traditional fuel


Daimler’s automotive concern stopped the development of new internal combustion engines and focused on creating electrical power plants.

The recently released family of row six-cylinder modular motors M256 may be the last line of the DAIMLER concern. According to the head of the Daimler Development Department, Marcus Schafer, the concern stopped developing new internal combustion engines, redirecting resources to electrifying and developing power plants and batteries for electrocarbers.

The final decision on the failure of the engine is not yet accepted. The new generation of row «six» M256 will appear under the hoods of the updated Mercedes-Benz models E-Class and S-Class, as well as medium and full-sized Mercedes-Benz crossovers and can stay there for a long time. For example, the upgraded V-shaped motors of the M276 family are used since 2010. In addition, according to the Schapfer, it is possible that in the future Daimler will return to the development of the OI.

At the end of last year, Volkswagen stated on the termination of the development of internal combustion engines. The latter car with DVS group plans to run in 2026, and the last such car will come down from the conveyor in 2040. By this year, California will come into force a ban on gasoline and diesel engines. In addition, since 2022, Volkswagen Group plants in Emden and Hannover will almost completely switch to electric vehicles.

In Volvo, refusing to develop new internal combustion engines and focus on hybrids of electrocaras declared in February last year. A few months later, the company announced a gradual refusal of diesel engines. The current generation of gasoline engines brand will exist until 2023. From this year, the Swedes intend to release a minimum of two hybrid modifications for each model.