Did you miss world premieres in Russia?


The last world premiere in Russia of the major world producer took place in August 2012. It was the Moscow International Motor Show, and the cloth were dried from the Opel Astra sedan. Since then, the world auto industry has not blown Russians with the premieres of an universal scale.

There were premieres of Chinese automakers, but no one seriously perceives them. Maybe over time, they will gain importance and Moscow will be the venue of the superfloor car from Podnebyss. Although they have enough exhibition sites.

But on October 10, our channel receives a press release from the Moscow office ŠKODA AUTO. There, an attachment with the photo of the updated Czech car ŠKODA Rapid in the style of press releases — dynamic lines and a modified optics form a modern look of the model. And then, the sensation we did not expect.

The world premiere of the new Škoda Rapid will take place in Russia at the end of the year.

This is just at this moment many of our colleagues who otned the wide Russian automotive community, the accent did not. But in essence, this is a sign event for the first time in six years after that «Astrovsky» premiere at the Moscow Auto Show 2012. And after the crisis in the car market broke out.

Well, actually the press release itself is well known and highlighted in almost all car portals. Recall it.

Škoda publishes a designer sketch that gives the first idea of the exterior of the new Rapid. Dynamic lines and modified optics form a modern look model. The world premiere of the new Rapid will take place in Russia at the end of the year.

The first image of the new Škoda Rapid demonstrates a balanced proportion, sharp faces and bright design elements that emphasize the modern character of the model. The unique swelling headlights and the hexagonal radiator grid reflect the new stage of the evolution of the brand design language and create an instantaneously recognizable image of the new Škoda Rapid.

As you can see, no details about the technical characteristics, equipment, even dimensions, no. Pull until the latter and do not reveal. Although, in principle, you can guess much, which our colleagues did on the workshop.

And we remember how strong the positions this Czech won in our market. ŠKODA Rapid is made since 2012 at the Volkswagen plant in Kaluga, we have only in the body of Liftbek in Russia, that is, the five-door. Hatchback we did not see. In 2017, the model passed a small restyling.

The car is very popular in the Russian automotive market and is the bestseller of the Czech company: according to the end of September this year he ranks 15 in the top 25 of the best-selling cars in the Russian Federation. The result is not very high — 2,918 pieces, or 40% of sales of the Czech brand in Russia.

However, we recognize that its main competitors are sold better. Not only the Korean couple Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio (the most popular in the ranking, 7,758 sold copies per month), but also the Volkswagen Polo Common Fameman is sold better. Even such a car as Renault Logan in August bypassed Cech.

The coming update is possible to correct the position: according to the published photo, we will come to us a completely new car, but a substantially upgraded Rapid in the current body. It will change markedly in front thanks to a completely new pharam and grille in the SCALA model, which came to replace Rapid in Europe.