Disorder convergence in 5D


FCAR has created a breakdown stand (measuring the angles of the vehicle wheels of the car), which delivered a new generation «5D». The 5D-stand is significantly different from the traditional 3D system — it is easier, it takes less space and does not require additional equipment.

The main feature of the system is that it is capable of reading the testimony even from a car standing on the floor of the hangar, without the use of lifts. This approach to measurement is possible due to the fact that the 5D stand has no restrictions on the corner of the chambers.

«After measuring the compensation of the discs of the discs, fixed measurement results are obtained, and the car can be raised on a scissor lift, after which the angles of the wheels of the wheels are adjusted according to the results obtained,» reported in FCAR.

The stand allows you to carry out work, both from a stationary PC and using mobile devices.

It is expected that with the development of 5D technologies, the booth of the similarity-collapse of the FD-505 will be able to become even more compact, and the requirements for its installation in the working zone will be simplified.