Dutch royal club will receive 900 diagnostic elements from MAHLE Aftermarket


MAHLE AFTERMARKET diagnostic tools are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Huge coverage, permanent Real-Time updates, simple management and reliable design — here are their main advantage. The Royal Dutch Club, which is engaged in crash tests of vehicles, spare parts and auto accessories, ordered MAHLE diagnostic equipment for 900 of its cars.

In the process of selecting Mahle, weathered tough competition with other manufacturers of diagnostic tools. Especially convincing advantage was the ability of Mahle equipment to regularly receive automatic updates of their software through Wi-Fi.


MAHLE diagnostic solutions recognize all error codes on average in 30 seconds. Linux based systems are associated with all modules installed in the car and issue a report from more than 54,000 detailed descriptions of OEM error codes. All data protocols are stored locally. Thus, in the future, you can get anew any data without the need to re-connect to the car. In addition, MAHLE diagnostic modules can communicate with other MAHLE service units to display features such as driver help system calibration or SMART A / C service option.