Eddy Clas Bardahl.


Bardahl is the largest international corporation engaged in the production of lubricants, auto chemicals, high-tech concomitant products. Most recently, the company presented in Russia a special professional program of Eco-cleaning engine.

At the last 26-29 August in Moscow, the MIMS Automechanika exhibition we managed to talk with Mr. Eddi Claus, the main technical specialist of Bardahl (Eddy Claes, Sales & Technics Manager, Export Division Europe Sadaps — Bardahl).

For 80 years, Bardahl develops oils and chemical products that make up 99% of the company’s products.
Assortment Bardahl includes a full range of oils,
lubricants, operational, service fluids, as well as funds
car care. All Bardahl products are approved for the use of the largest automakers. Plants — Manufacturers are located: Sadaps Bardahl — France, Belgium; Maroil Bardahl — Italy. At the Russian automotive market, Bardahl is present over 15 years, offering high-quality additives and lubricants with unique technologies: Fullerene C60, Polar Plus.

We came to the Russian market in 2006, but active expansion began a year later — in 2007. It was then that I myself began to work in this market as a sales manager. We do not work as the oil giants usually work, which invest huge money in their advertising campaigns. We have another vision and other approach. Our main principle is B2B. We work closely with our customers — come to them, tell about our products, carry out demonstrations. We tell customers how to sell our goods and how to create our own trading network with the help of our products.

Another of our principle is the vision of a remote future. If we «open up» a new country, then we plan to stay in it for a long time and do everything for this. At the moment we cooperate with the largest group in the Russian market — GROUPAUTO RUSSIA. We work closely with the largest distributors in the Russian market with such as: Rossko, Patenk, Berg, Forum, AUDENCE, WITH PROFESSIONAL NETWORK SERVICES FIT! SERVICE — in other words, we work only with those who are really well versed in the auto business. That is why we have a permanent growth.

On the benefits of Bardahl.

The first strong side — we are a major European OEM supplier. Bardahl technical fluids are used on Volkswagen, Peugeot, Citroen, Nissan, Renault, and many other automakers. But together with the products we produce under brands for conveyors, we also produce products under the Bardahl brand for the secondary market. And this is the same quality, just another name. Each unit of product for the secondary market has OEM quality and meets all the requests of automakers.

The second strong side of the company is professional quality. Now in Russia, as well as around the world, on every corner, on each street you can find more and more local cheap products. And at the same time everything is more difficult to find the product really good, high quality. As you know, now a lot of products are produced in China. I do not want to say that the whole is bad, but most Chinese products are still low quality. Our distributors know Bardahl as a manufacturer of high-quality products — we are responsible for each canister, every liter of oil and additives.

The third strength is customer support. As I said, we come to customers, we explain to them how to work and how to sell our goods, organize seminars. We teach distributors and their employees not only how to use our products, but also to earn it. As you can see, Bardahl is not just products, this is a whole business concept. We adhere to this strategy for over 80 years, and this very much like our customers.

On the introduction of new technologies and market development

Since we are an OEM supplier of the largest automakers, we are in the center of the emergence and development of new technologies. And they bring new problems in the automotive industry. And as soon as the automaker occurs such a problem, he immediately communicates with us, and we find a solution. New engines are very different from what we dealt with the past.

And these changes occur very quickly. I know that for mechanics it is very difficult to constantly follow these new ideas and technologies. In part, this is also the reason why they choose our brand — we help find solving the problems that they arise, constantly support the relevance of information.

A good example is our new engine for ECO 360 ° «5 to 1 engine. These cars we began to introduce 6-7 years ago on the market. But new generation engines have their own problems. And as soon as such engines appeared, the car immediately appeared for them. We analyzed the need for the market together with our customers, suppliers, automakers and quickly found a simple and easy solution. That is why our eco-cleaning machine is so popular in Europe. We have already sold more than 5,000 flushing machines, and the number of partners — those who use our Bardahl Eco Cleaning cleaning program — continues to grow.

Since automotive technologies change very quickly, mechanics must constantly train and learn. In Russia, there are still car services that specialize in the engines of old generations, and their mechanics mainly work with «just mechanics» — these are ordinary normal masters who simply repair cars. But the modern car is controlled by a computer, and the car mechanic should not be just a master, he must be a mechanic.

Simple mechanics are no longer enough knowledge to find a solution to emerging problems. Today, the computer tells a person what to do — diagnostic equipment connects, and the mechanic sees: it is necessary to change this or that. On the one hand, it’s good when the computer helps. But on the other hand, in such a situation, mechanics cease to learn — after all, they no longer need to make a decision, they simply see the prompt and act. But it is impossible not to learn — a modern auto mechanic should be constantly aware of all innovations and new technologies. Yes, the mechanical part of the engines is currently 80% about the same, but everything has changed very much. Base itself is the former, but the technologies are others.

For example, for me the work of the mechanics is not easy. Since I myself am an engineer, I have many friends who work engineers on mechanics and they constantly have to learn. If earlier it was enough to raise qualifications 1 time per year, today it is at least 2 times a month. Sometimes they learn more than they work.

About updates and changes

We presented in Russia ECO 360 ° car, and now I organize here training seminars, where we will invite our professional customers. I will conduct training by car, how to use it, how to find a solution to problems. These are the nearest plans.

Next year we plan to issue several new products. Every day we analyze the needs of the market — including Russian, collect feedback from our Russian customers. The Russian market is a «gasoline» market, and the European market is more «Diesel». And these are two different types of engines and different problems. Therefore, we work very closely with our Russian car service partners in order to receive the necessary information from them. Without this, we just can’t develop new products.

Therefore, as a manufacturer, we are presented at this exhibition in Moscow — to submit products and chat with customers, find out what happens to which changes and new problems appear, which we still do not know. We communicate not only with our dealers and distributors, but also with end customers. Because we, as a manufacturer, need this information. Whatever the client arose a problem — Bardahl will always find a solution.