Emergency brakes for cars with autopilot


The South Korean Okmania Hyundai Mobis is developing a braking system for vehicles equipped with autonomous driving functions.

According to the developer’s statements, the new brake system will significantly increase the safety of road transport, especially autopilotable.

Created by Hyundai Mobis The backup brake system is designed specifically for self-managed transport. It automatically activates the emergency braking system — even in case of a regular brake system failure due to the effects of external factors, failure or damage to electronic components.

The company claims that the reserve braking system will allow to realize the fourth or above levels of autonomy of movement.

The autonomous movement is ranked at 6 levels (0-5), at the same time, at levels 4 and 5, self-governed cars must independently deal with emergency situations.

The principle of operation of emergency brakes

The backup brake system consists of two electronic brake systems and the controlling of the electronic unit. Also there is a software control platform.

Auxiliary brake system is activated in an emergency, which allows the car to safely reach the destination without any emergency situations.

In the usual situation, two controlling devices are connected to each other and exchange data, but if the main brake system does not work in normal mode, the device detects this problem and gives the command to the auxiliary brake system to be activated.