Farewell, Ford


Russian sales of passenger cars with «blue oval» are being completed.

Ford mines sales of cars in Russia — in August of this year, Mark has transferred 1474 cars to Russian buyers. According to statistics, it is 52.7% less than the amount sold in the same period of 2018.

According to models, the alignment of such. In August acquired 517 new

Note that in the last month of the summer, the number of cars of the American brand was sold more than, for example, in some, even unwinding the popularity of Chinese brands.

In total, for eight months, the dealers of the American company implemented 16,874 cars in the Russian Federation. It is 33% less than in 2018.

Our forecast. With each month, sales of cars with «blue oval» will fall rapidly.

At the beginning of next year, the account will go to units and then comes to no. This is the path traveled by other brands that decided to leave the Russian market.

Recall, at the end of March 2019, in connection with the restructuring of business in Europe, the American company Ford reported on the decision to go from the Russian car market. In connection with the change in the business model, the company announced big discounts on cars.

But the fate of Russian Ford plants in Naberezhnye Chelny and Vsevolozhsk, where the passenger line of the brand has been produced still not solved.

Information tape appeared reports that the plant in Vsevolozhsk is interested in a number of companies from China, as well as Korean Hyundai.

At the same time, the American autohygoant continues to work in Russia in the commercial technology segment (LCV). Ford Transit commercial car sales are growing stably. According to the results of the same eight months, 7,267 pieces of such «Fords» were sold on the Russian market. As a result, Ford Transit became the leader of the commercial segment among foreign brands.

In September, an updated model appeared in the dealer transit centers.

Recall, the production of commercial Fords has been established at the Assembly Plant of the Joint Enterprise «Ford Sollers Elabuga» in Tatarstan.

The plans of the joint venture not only to preserve the leadership among foreign cars of the LCV segment, but also significantly increase its share on it due to in-depth localization.

Recall that in the joint venture «Ford Sollers Elabuga» share «Sollers» is 51%, and the remaining 49% belong to the American partner.

A few days ago, Sberbank and Ford Sollers Elabuga have entered into a General Agreement on the opening of a renewable framework credit line. The overall limit of credit operations on the line will be 1.5 billion rubles, the press service of Sberbank reports. Within the framework of this agreement, Sberbank will provide credit funds to finance the current activities of the company Ford Sollers, which was restarted on July 1, 2019.