FIAT will still travel around Russia


For domestic motorists, the Italian brand Fiat will always be something sacral, because in fact she became a source of mass domestic motorization. It also connected the appearance of a giant AvtoVAZ.

But today in our country almost no one knows what lives, and what Italian autoconecern works. What are his plans for the domestic car market?

In fact, we recall that Fiat is all the same multidimensional concern in which several units include. For example, Fiat Professional is engaged in commercial vehicles, whose specialization is vans and minibuses that can be found with us. There is also an Iveco company, but it is from a completely different freight segment.

Italian brand in the passenger segment, in fact, well feels well in his homeland in Italy. Positions in other European markets are weak. And all because the Italian concern from Turin has not yet been indemnifying his loyal fans with the premieres: the last full-scale novelty in the old world was a family

The image of FIAT in the mass consciousness of European motorists is small cars, with an interesting design. In this collective awareness of the brand and will focus in its future work the Italian automotive industry.

Now the policy of the Italian concern will be concentrated around small city cars and crossovers.

Fiat will no longer have large cars, premium models and sports cars (for them FCA — (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) have other brands, in particular Alfa-Romeo).

In 2018, in 2018, the concern stopped the release of Fiat Punto hatchbacks (Dimensional Class B), and he will not be replaced. Thus, Punto is supplied (Punto translated from the Italian «point») in competition with the bestsellers of the old light market as Peugeot208, VW Polo, Renault Clio, Opel Corsa, Ford Fiesta.

The main in the direction of the market of the old continent will be the Fiat 500 family, but in the sooner time it will seriously sneak. In 2020, an electric vehicle with an original body will appear in it. It will be larger than the basic «five hundred» and acquires the doors for the rear passengers: short flaps will be opened against the progress, like BMW i3.

Later, a more traditional wagon will come to replace the Fiat 500L, which will be a certain analogue of the MINI Clubman model. And followed by a FIAT 500X five-generation parquetor.

Outside the «five hundredth» family, only two models will remain. The small five-door hatchback FIAT PANDA will change the generation in 2021, and after another two years will acquire an electrical version. The concurrent of the future panda was the concept car Fiat Centoventi, shown in March at the Motor Show in Geneva. Finally, to replace the Fiat Tipo family (it includes a sedan, hatchback and wagon) will come a certain golf class crossover (up to 4.5 m long), which will be relatively simple and available versions.

As for the Russian market, there are no clear plans for Fiat with regard to a new strategy for passenger cars and is not foreseen. Recall that

The only passenger model of the Italian company, we have remained the basic Fiat 500 at a price of 1 million 90 thousand rubles, and there are no plans to expand the gamma.

The FIAT management sees more promising work on car markets of Latin American countries, as well as Turkey. For them, new models are also being developed. Russia as it was not fitted in them, and now it is unlikely to fit.