Fighter with snow


A snow blower is represented, which is able to remove up to 3.5 tons of snow in an hour. The unique snowplow is developed on the basis of the All-wheel drive chassis KAMAZ-43118 C. Uniqueness — in its extraordinary performance. Snowpressor milling motor SFR-1 Model 103-Ca (this is the so-called new model) is able to remove up to 3,500 tons of snow per hour. For comparison — the performance of existing Russian analogues barely reaches 1600 tons per hour.

In addition, among the features of the car — the maximum possible snow mass. The snow blower is able to discard snow at a distance of 50 meters. In the process of snow removal, Spetsmashin moves due to hydraulic drive with stepless speed control (control of the joystick from the operator’s cab), and in the transport mode moves due to the standard mechanical drive.

The first customers of the new model were a major gas producing company and a joint Russian-American enterprise on Sakhalin Island.