Five good news from Skoda


The name of the Czech automaker Skoda has not searched from the headlines of news automotive sites lately. And the thing is that the Czech automaker prepares the change of generations of its most important car.

Of course, we are talking about Skoda Octavia. Why in anticipation of the premiere of a new generation such an excitement? Yes, everything is very simple. And you need to explain here with numbers. In the European market, the model is constantly included in the TOP-10.

For 8 months of this year, 160.6 thousand Skoda Octavia pieces were sold on the old continent, as well as 120.8 thousand pieces of Skoda Fabia hatchbacks, and only 71 thousand Skoda Karoq crossovers. That is, Octavia is a leader model that determines the position of the brand.

And if you contact the domestic market, then in the Russian Federation Skoda Octavia, the long-term leader of the size class C. And with experience, as soon as the Ford Focus-II went on peace, and the «blue oval» passed the unsuccessful change of generations, Octavia was «Yehly T-shirt «class leader.

Skoda Octavia is the most popular Czech car in the Russian Federation. Today, a total of 847,022 Czech brand car is registered in the Russian fleet, of which, in fact, half, 411 261 fall on Octavia.

The second place in the Russian park among Czechs is occupied by Skoda Rapid with a number of 146,424 units, the third is already subjobuminated Skoda Fabia hatchback (136 470 pcs.). Skoda Yeti crossovers in the fleet of the Russian Federation are listed in the amount of 76,882 units., And Skoda Superb cars — 29,864 units. New KodiaQ crossovers are still a bit — more than 27 thousand pieces. To better represent the Park of the Czech brand, we built a chart.

Now it is clear why such an excitement around the presentation of the new Skoda Octavia, whose information waves reach us. Recall that the presentation of the new generation of the car will take place on November 11th. In the meantime, the Czech portal

According to preliminary information, the five-door Liftbek will become even larger, almost catch up with the largest sedan class C — Peugeot 408. The length will exceed 4.7 m against 4670 mm at the current generation of the model.

Also also pay attention — the familiar side of the side glazing has been preserved, and the design of the front part is resolved in the spirit of the younger hatchback Skoda Scala.

Accordingly, space will be added in the cabin, the luggage compartment will be slightly larger than that of the current model. In the spirit of the rock there will be an interior, a double handlebar and an electromechanical «handblast» are expected, and Octavia will offer a media system with Voice Assistant Laura.

In addition to Liftback, a wagon will remain in the family. In the European market, Turbomotors 1.0 TSI, 1.5 TSI and 2.0 TSI are preserved, as well as turbodiesels 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI. The new «Octavia» Skoda will begin at the end of October, gradually laying out the scraps of technical data and single photos.

As for the emergence of the new Octavia in the Russian market, in an interview with the head of the Czech brand in the Russian Federation, I was put in the press at the end of September, all points above I.

The head of the Czech brand was clearly understood that the debut of a new car will be held in the second half of 2020, we will have only localized (manufactured in the Russian Federation) version of Skoda Octavia. Only five-door liftback will be presented to local production, but the store will be sold in the salons (Combi).

And the most important thing is that the top manager clarified is the motor gamma Skoda Octavia. No liter European turbo engines are planned in Russia.

«The new octavia in Russia will retain the old motors, — Sliced Yang Khack. — New engines meet EURO 6D TEMP standards, and the transition to this standard requires expensive interventions and systems. In Russia, such norms do not act, so we do not want to force buyers to overpay for what they do not need. «

However, as the head of the Czech brand in Russia said:

Indeed, according to the separation of the Association of European Business (AEB), KodiaQ crossover is ahead of OCTAVIA Lifbec on the Russian market. Over the past 9 months of 2019, the Czech brand dealers sold 17.5 thousand SUV Kodiaq, and Skoda Octavia cars sold for 200 pieces less.

True, before Rapid, both models are still far away. Five-door Liftbek is the leader of the Czech brand in Russia and entered the top 10 most popular cars with a result of 25.6 thousand pieces. Again, back to an interview with Yana Proshazki and fix it with the words about the novelties.

Probably, for the prompt, you can take an example of a recent update of the five-door Liftback in China. Rapid for the Middle Kingdom will be stylized under the new European hatchback Skoda Scala: on the cars «put on» a similar front mask, replaced bumpers and installed horizontal rear lights with additional sections on the trunk lid. Skoda Skoda vendors are a major name of the brand on the stern.

But the Skoda KaroQ crossover may appear in the Czech brand car dealers in winter. Yang Makhaza told in the aforementioned Internet and about Krowovover, saying: «We need to provide customers with a wide selection of models. In addition, KaroQ will take the Yeti niche, and in the future clients will be able to change it to a larger Kodiaq, if they need a car spacious. Now we are preparing production at the factory in Nizhny Novgorod, but we expect that the first cars customers will receive in the first half of next year. I can not say anymore. » However, it has discouraged that under the hood of the novelty will be the already famous motor 1.4 TSI