Flour of choice


Many car enthusiasts, especially those who closely monitor the condition of their car, are wondering what to choose filters for maintenance, which brand? Today, online stores offer a huge selection of a variety of manufacturers on their sites — to make sure it is enough just to try to choose a filter in the original number — the number of replacements, analogues, brands and prices can be confused even a professional — what can we talk about ordinary car owners. It would seem that specialized forums and Internet playgrounds can help in this situation — come in, discuss, ask, — and choose! But on such resources, the number of fundamentally different opinions and councils often raises, making extremely difficult to choose the right product.

Price or Quality?

Often, making a choice in favor of this or that product, people are guided exclusively at the price — justifying themselves that «I’dably change the filter more often», or «visually they are all similar» or even «what’s the difference?» — If only it was. » But this position in the root is incorrect — the frequent replacement of a low-quality filter will not bring any benefit — it is akin to carrying water in the sieve — you need to go more often, the benefit is striving for zero. As for the difference — she is huge. A poor-quality air filter, for example, in some conditions is able to lead to fatal injuries of the engine for thousands of kilometers, thereby minimally a penny savings to huge repair losses — not to mention simple techniques, possible evacuation costs and much more. It is true only one statement — the quality cannot be cheap. Development, the right technological materials, production and quality control are expensive, but the consumer receives a filter that will protect the car as much as possible, will extend its resource and will work even in the most extreme conditions. At the same time, often the difference in the cost of cheap and expensive high-quality filters does not exceed the price of a pair of cups of coffee in a roadside cafe — is it worth the intersection of possible consequences? Of course not.

Why Hengst?

So how not to be mistaken with the choice of a reliable, proven and high-quality filter manufacturer for your car? Everything is very simple. It is necessary to take advantage of the experience of automakers — companies that in the design and production of cars in the best possible way, which filter is suitable for a particular system of the machine — extending the resource of engines, gearboxes, fuel systems, and otherwise, depending on what application A specific product is selected. In addition, automakers in the modern world are increasingly and more often automakers, the entire development, testing and production of filtering systems — from the simplest, long-known acquaintances of the housing cabinet filters to the most complex integrated nodes are trusted by supplier companies. And one of the most well-known, recognizable and successful, is Hengst — a partner for the development, production and supply of filtering systems to the conveyors of such automotive giants, like Mercedes, AMG, BMW, MAN, DAF, SCANIA and many others.

How do HengST quality form?

Hengst maintains the quality of its activities — this is a law that is strictly followed in all aspects of the activity — starting from the development phase in which more than 150 engineers are designing daily, create, improve and improve the company’s products, ending with product quality control — on each Stage of the production of filters and filtering systems. This commitment to quality finds a response from customers — from automakers to car enthusiasts, all market professionals certainly trust the quality of Hengst, Hengst experience and Hengst products.

Equal origin

Hengst is rightfully considered a specialist in after-sales service worldwide. The company produces spare parts for the global market, which correspond to the same strict quality standards as the original components of the company. Hengst differs from other things that combines excellent products with unsurpassed service. Providing a high level of product availability and personal consultation, Hengst offers exactly what retailers are needed — quickly and reliably. The company supplies an exhaustive range of filters for all common types of engines to an independent secondary market. The product product portfolio includes a total of 2,600 filters for passenger cars, trucks, agricultural and construction equipment, as well as navy. Oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, salon filters and special-purpose filters, ranging from hydraulic oil filters to centrifuges with an oil filter. Dealers around the world appreciate experience, brand quality, service and customer focus Hengst.