French «Cabinets» stood on the exit


The French group PSA (Peugeot-Citroen brands) does not make up a business in the Russian car market. So today it is announced that a couple of French «heels», or rather cargo-passenger models — the youngest in the line of the French group — Peugeot Partner and Citroen Berlingo are leaving the Russian market.

A new generation that is already sold in other markets will not come to Russia. The reason is low demand.

In Russia, the French group PSA somehow did not ask from the very beginning. Today, few people remember that in the segment B + the French brought two cute cars — Peugeot-301 and Citroen Elysee. They had to fight with folk sedans. But these struggle, they were thinking about the Koreans, Germans / Czechs and, their own competitors to the French from Renault. These machines were imported from the Spanish Automobile Plant in Vigo’s town, and, accordingly, when the ruble collapse occurred in 2015, they became disproportionately expensive for their class. I had to leave the Russian car market.

Another appeal of the PSA marketers was made an erroneous rate on the size class S. Russians were to «pee» on the sedans of Peugeot-408 and Citroen C4 Sedan. But it was during this period that domestic motorists fought interest in such cars. As a result, the second «puncture» happened in Russia. Last year, when Russian car market grew, sales PSA rapidly fell.

A pair of numbers. Last year, PEUGEOT-408 sedans were sold only 575 pieces, and Citroen C4 Sedan — 853 pieces. Compare, the competitor — Skoda Octavia diverged in the amount of 25 thousand cars. There is from what to go into the despondency. Although PEUGEOT-408 was presented to the Russian motorist as the most spacious car in the C-class segment. In principle, while these cars of the PSA group come from the conveyor of the Kaluga enterprise. That is, even localization in some cases does not help.

Now about leaving «heels». «Related» models Peugeot Partner and Citroen Berlingo, debuted in now Already distant 2008. Among themselves, they differed only by the details of the design and emblems — everything else was equally. Cars were offered both in the passenger variant and in the cargo execution with the body van. These are such cars for small shopkeepers, according to European standards. Or in the passenger version — a family inexpensive car. But apparently, while the France model with its small shopkeepers is very far from the Russian realities, so last year these two cars were separated in the amount of less than one thousand copies: Citroen Berlingo — 414 pieces, and Peugeot Partner in the amount of 478 pieces. The van cost about 1.2 million rubles, a passenger car from 1.4 million rubles. But due to the low demand, the latest copies of cars were sold at discounts.

For the Russian market, gasoline and diesel engines with a volume of 1.6 liters were put in combination with a manual transmission. Versions with a robotic box disappeared from Russian car dealers three more years ago. So the story of another French pair of car PSA is ends.

But PSA representatives in Russia emit optimism and intend to achieve the dispute of Russian motorists.

First, the legendary German brand Opel comes to the Russian market. Certain hopes are associated with it. The legendary German brand is now also a full member of the automotive group.

We have already been told on our channel that a special conflict (SPIK) has recently been signed according to which the French intends to localize the release of a number of models at their Kaluga enterprise. It remains only to hope that all previous lessons of failures in Russia will be taken into account.