Futuristic bus will come from Minsk


The 75th anniversary celebrates the flagship of the Belarusian automotive industry — the Minsk Automotive Plant. At a solemn event, management still decided to show a new product — a new bus of the third generation of MAZ-303266.

For the post-Soviet period, the Republic of Belarus has become a noticeable player in the passenger transport market. In many cities of the Russian Federation, there are also urban-type buses and buses of two generations of MAZ, and Trolleybuses of BKM and trams Stadler (BKM).

Minsk Automobile Plant took advantage of those «annoy», which began in the post-Soviet car industry and found a new niche — passenger transport. In the distant 90s of the last century, the first buses of MAZ-104 came out of the enterprise gate. The second generation buses then appeared, whose flagship model became MAZ-203.

But back to the presentation of the new bus. Without exaggeration is a breakthrough of the bus production of the Belarusian enterprise. Exterior and interior design, cabin layout, climate system, aggregate base and layout solutions — perhaps it is easier to say what the designer’s hand did not touch. There was not a single element left on the bus that would not be at least small but refine. The bus is very different from the MAZ-203 second generation machine. Although, in Prinzpe, the «two hundred third» can be called the best modern bus of the post-Soviet space.

When the first photos of the MAZ-303266 were leaked on the Internet, as experts immediately rushed to put forward versions, who exactly and what exactly copied the MAZ. Of course, most of all got the design of the machine.

But the design is calm, as always with the buses of MAZ. Classic forms, in contrast to sharp, do not leave fashion and do not irritate. A large area of glazing complex shape is designed to break the visually larger mass of the bus into separate elements.

Inside, in the cabin, too, much, if not to say everything has changed. A significant increase in the total low floor area (about 30 percent), the number of seats for the seat at a low floor — to 16 (it was up to 12).

In addition, MAZ-303 is the only bus in the Customs Union and the second in the European Union (along with the Polish bus Solaris), which has the height of the entrance in all three doors is only 320 mm (!!!)

You can find many more different «chips» for the convenience of the passenger’s trip in the new cabin. But it is better to try directly when traveling. It is a pity that this futuristic bus will not work in Russian cities for a long time. Indeed, according to the adopted import-proof rules, support from the federal budget for the purchase of gas engine transport is obtained only by the Russian production technique, and there is no gas supply in the model gamma. Well, the diesel version will buy those cities that have developed a long-standing relationship with the Belarusian enterprise.

Power unit as usual at Maz — Mercedesian engine OM936, develops power 299 hp Complies with Euro-6 standards. New attachment pillows sharply reduced vibrations.

ZF Ecolife gearbox is designed for intensive urban traffic. It has a reduced noise level by 6.4 dB (a) and saves about 10 percent of fuel due to optimization of the number of revolutions without reducing power.

What is important, the issues of heating and ventilation qualitatively solved. It is no secret that these issues have been solved on the models of past generations.

One of the main objectives of the development of the MAZ-303, which was put on the Belarusian automaker, creating a bus corresponding to not only in force, but also promising requirements of rules and requests for EU market clients and the Customs Union. It is assumed that with a minor increase in value (about 10%), MAZ-303 will not give way to the best analogues on the market.

The novelty is a basic model for a third-generation passenger technology family, which will include buses from 9 to 18.5 meters long, equipped with various types of engines — on the assembly is now the second instance of the 303rd, which will be equipped with the EURO-5 motor. In addition, working on an electric business, by the way, is the first in the history of Maz.