Geely from Belarus will be much


The joint Belarusian-Chinese enterprise is increasing the turnover. Every four minutes from the conveyor of the Belarusian plant «BelDi» comes the car brand Geely. But soon, the pace of the enterprise conveyor will increase, since it is planned to expand the model range. New Geely Models of Belarusian production will appear on the Russian car market.

Today, Geely’s brand is a leader among Chinese brands in the Russian market. And so, thanks to the fact that in Belarusian Zhodino, where the famous career dump trucks of the brand «BelAZ» produced, for several years a joint Belarusian-Chinese enterprise BelDi has been working.

By the way, the idea of the appearance of cars in Belarus by assembling cars belongs to President Alexander Lukashenko.

Thanks to the presence of the Customs Union of the Russian Federation, RB and Kazakhstan, cars released in Zhodino, diversely penetrate the car market of Russia. There is also a reverse stream, from Russian assembly plants to the Republic of Belarus, not only cars of domestic stamps Lada or Gazelle, but also Renault, Hyundai, Kia, etc. are delivered.

But, as they tell in the enterprise, negotiations have been successfully held with partners from Lithuania, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine for the supply of car of Belarusian-Chinese production.


And further. Belarusians intend to deeply localize Chinese cars. «Negotiations on the construction of a motor factory in the» Great Stone «are actively underway, — said

It suggests comparison. In Russia, in Russia, similar plans for the deepening of localization has an enterprise «Havale Motor Manufechchuring Rus», which under Tula releases the crossovers of the HAVAL brand. And in front of us in all its glory, intrigue is tied.

What brands of Chinese cars will be more successful in the domestic car market? But we will not act as oracles on our channel.

And only we will tell you that the conveyor of the Belarusian-Chinese enterprise will put new models of Geely. Today, the alignment of production plans is such. The largest demand is the crossover model

By the way, if you remember, a couple of weeks ago, information flashed on specialized sites. Analysts published the rating of the most unclaimed cars in the Russian market. Among them, Cadillac and Chrysler, Lifan and Infiniti, also flashed the names of two geely models —

We will not build guesses, but from the statements of Gennady Svidersky, who in the past was some time the general director of the BelDi enterprise, recently sounded that the production of a new one was planned in Belarus

In accordance with the plant’s technical plan, the production of the Geely SX11 installation lot may begin until the end of 2019

Why does an official talk about four models? Everything is simple here. Today, along with Geely Atlas from the enterprise conveyor, the aforementioned — Emgrand X7 and Emgrand 7 are approaching. And if the SX11 crossover is also called Geely Coolray, it will rise to the conveyor, and even in addition it will be popular, then you have to move some model.

Also add that, in accordance with the plant’s technical plan, the production of the Geely SX11 installation batch can begin until the end of 2019. Although in the automotive perceo flashed that the first Coolray in the Russian Federation will be delivered from China. And the second model, which is planned to be manufactured at Bellaj — a sedan of the GEELY GE representative class.