Goodbye, Almera.


Approximately a year ago, the Russian Nissan office announced that the production of Sedan Nissan Almera would be discontinued in October 2018. However, the sales of this last sedan of the Japanese brand lasted until August this year, although the originally selling dealers were planned until April.

And here received a message — dealerships ended, in the model range of the Japanese automaker, there is no longer any such model in Russia.

The story of Nissan Almera is very instructive in Russia. In the domestic market, Nissan Almera was designed as a classic second-generation model, which was included in the top 25 domestic market. And from Japan also brought the car in the right-handed version of Nissan Bluebird Sylphy.

Actually, the Russian «Almera», which began to produce in AvtoVAZ at the very end of 2012, was not the same vehicle from which was called.

The body borrowed from the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy model, and the platform was taken from Logan — this is a well-known Trolley in the Renault-Nissan Alliance. That is, the nearest technical relative of the «Russian» Nissan Almera became the Renault Logan sedan.

The car was installed in gasoline motors Renault K4M volume of 1.6 liters. With two camshafts and sixteen valves, with a capacity of 102 hp

But the car was well-meeting, especially the taxi drivers fell in love. Rush sales of Russified Nissan Almera fell for 2014: then buyers found a little less fifty thousand cars (46,225 pieces). And then demand fell along with the drying Russian market as a whole. In recent years, demand has stabilized at about 15 thousand cars per year.

Note that in total from 2012 to 2018 on AvtoVAZ, about 133 thousand Nissan Almera cars were issued. In this case, this model was one of the most affordable foreign cars in the domestic market. The price for it last month was 688-869 thousand rubles.

How not to remember that Nissan Almera went after other passenger Nissan — Hatchback

In general, the sale of the Nissan brand with the departure of a popular sedan fall. So, in seven months in the Russian Federation, 35,139 cars of the Japanese automaker were sold, which is 18% lower than the same period last year. As a result, Nissan sank to the eighth place in the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, the sale of the most popular now in Russia Nissan Kashqai crossover grows (+ 12% to the APPG), but they do not cover the share of the departed sedan.