Goodbye, «Cube»


The Japanese automaker Nissan automaker, as part of the restructuring of the business, decided to stop the production of the Cube cult city car, or as domestic motorists «Cubia».

Cars from the rising sun are most often found on the roads of the country behind the Urals. Therefore, this news is unlikely to be interested in residents of the European part of the Russian Federation. During the first wave of motorization over the past decade, when the country began the massive import of Japanese pro-armor machines Nissan Cube occupied a peculiar niche. It was a city car for Trans-Ural Autobeda. It was not often possible to meet the steering wheel of the «Cube» of representatives of the strong half of humanity. And if they met, then usually with an excuse — «the wife gave charging.»

Nevertheless, a typical Japanese subcompact high hatchback with a high body, quite exotic for us found its fans.

What about the world? In 2002, the second generation of hatchback was held, car enthusiasts delight his unusual cubic design and asymmetric glazing. In the best years, Nissan Cube found up to 130 thousand buyers per year. But mainly in Japan and Asian countries. But an attempt to conquer the car markets and the countries of Europe was unsuccessful. So, in 2010, about 23 thousand «cubes» were sold in North America, and in the market of the old continent just over 4 thousand. Failure is definitely.

Today, specialists and analysts argue and say that one of the reasons for failure has become the fact that the Franco-Japanese Hatchback Alliance was built on the platform B0. And the budget platform lowered the driving qualities of «Cube»: the car was a roll, unbroken, with an «empty» steering wheel. In Europe and the United States, it may come to housewives.

Today it is decided to finish the production of Nissan Cube in December of the current year. It was also decided that the successor at the «Cubia» will not be, because as the «global model» Nissan did not justify himself. Create a «niche» product exclusively for Japan today, when a Japanese automaker has some zamanka due to the change of leadership and certain difficulties, it is economically impractical.

Unfortunately, Nissan Cube has not become the global project, which is the Soul project for Korean automaker KIA. Koreans presented not just a high hatchback, and somewhat increased the ground clearance, which was convinced by consumers. But this is another conversation.

Nissan Cube officially in the Russian Federation has never been sold in the dealer centers of the Japanese brand, but only imported by private and legal entities on their own initiative and with the auctions of the country of the rising sun.