Goodbye, Smart.


Geely and German Daimler AG owned by the Chinese Aviation Giant and the German AG will change the strategy and will turn on electric cars in Europe, the USA and Canada.

The electrical drive will be implemented on Smart Fortwo models, Smart Fortwo Cabriolet and Smart Forfour, which from now on will be released only at the factory in China. Thus, the company expects to become the first car brand in the world, which will completely switch from internal combustion engines to electricity.

As part of this strategy related to the full refusal of internal combustion engines, Smart does not plan to supply its new cars to the Russian market.

«Currently, SMART has decided not to remove the SMART EQ Fortwo and Smart EQ ForFour electrical models to the Russian market,»

The representative of Marka explained that such a step is currently not economically appropriate. «Given the specific conditions on the market, obtaining a technical permit for the operation of our cars will require additional tests of cars and the development of new components,» explained to the company.

At the same time, they assured that the Russian market will continue to analyze in order to find other potential for the SMART brand. In turn, the brand dealers will continue to provide services and support all models that are already presented in the market.