Greenpeace demands to ban crossovers


Greenpisovs, it turns out, waited for the International Motor Show in Frankfurt with no less excitement than motorists. Using attention attracted to a large automotive exhibition, environmental activists lobbies the prohibition of the most popular and fast-growing segment in the market — crossovers.

The purpose of the ban on the sale of SUV is to reduce the harmful effect of CO2 emissions on the global climate. Why exactly crossovers? Because these cars are now buying more active. And while crossovers remain more popular than small electrocars, cars are a problem for ecology, argue protesters.

The head of Volkswagen Herbert Diss stated in an interview with Reuters that crossovers are what the client wants. But, of course, car companies should strive to allow families with an average and low income to acquire an electric vehicle. It should be noted that so far the electrocars remain much more expensive than the analogues of the FRO.