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Much changes in the car, including the suspension. And although globally, this is still all the same familiar MacPherson or a multi-dimension, a large number of changes have appeared in their design, which makes it difficult to maintain their service. Let’s talk about the modern suspension system. Experts in our conversation will perform:

The suspension is one of the main elements of the car, the link between the body or the vehicle frame and expensive. During the development of the automotive industry, the suspension has undergone a lot of constructive changes aimed at improving the controllability of the machine and comfort for passengers. Different car models involve various suspension designs: mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic. And I must say that all these types today are successfully applied in the production of cars.

But what does say about this




Indeed, remember the chassis typical, as they say, the average car, released, well, at least ten years ago. What have we then? Of course, the MacPherson racks already mentioned and the lever suspension in the wide variation variability: and double transverse levers, and torsions, and exotic-loud-up «de Dion» and so on.

There is, truth, and completely fantastic ideas. Not the fact that they will get widespread, but they really have.

The only one

However, whatever options were offered automakers, as much diverse the design of the suspension, in any case it was suspension, serving which with a known skill and certain knowledge was relatively simple. These works could carry out almost any hundred. It was enough to hang a car and, guided by a certain algorithm, check whether everything is in order. And sometimes the faults could be easily identified according to very characteristic features, such as, for example, oils, extraneous noises, etc. I took the installation, pressed at a certain point, pulled the levers and traction, I saw where that the backlit — that’s all the simple Diagnostics and approximately the same simple repair.

And now … the design of the shock absorbers is also single and two-pipe, steel springs, too, but increasingly, automakers began to use air suspensions, widespread use of electronic car clearance control systems that change the magnitude of the road lumen, electronic-controlled shock absorbers. Systems step by step are complicated.

Interesting changes in architecture occurred. If earlier managed shock absorbers in the absence of electricity supply became rigid, their new generations, on the contrary, remain soft — comfortable, that is, with an open bypass canal. This ensures energy savings, because the practice has shown — drivers prefer to operate cars in a comfortable mode, and when necessary, the system closes the bypass channel and the shock absorber goes to the so-called sports settings.

Such technological improvements and modernization lead to the fact that detecting malfunctions in more and more technological modern systems is becoming more complicated and more difficult. For high-quality and proper provision of services, high qualifications of mechanics are required, which should use not only the visual and organoleptic diagnostic methodology, but also apply electronic equipment to read errors — many problems in the suspension will now simply find.

Judge for yourself. In the suspension now there are or constantly with it interact with CAN BUS control modules, dashboard, steering wheel sensors, acceleration, level, pressure in the pneumatic system, various switches, pneumatic compressor and pneummators, and so on. And how to do with all this only through eye, hands and hearing? Yes, nothing!

But this is not the limit. It’s only the beginning! Now the shock absorbers are made of steel — this is a widespread standard, but the aluminum parts appears in the design, especially in the sports series. Even the pipe itself has begun to do from aluminum.

The next stage is plastics. Reducing the cost of components and unsappressible masses is one of the key requirements of automakers. In addition, with plastics work where it is easier than with the metal. Therefore, engineers closely approached consideration of the possibility of using high-strength plastics as a shock absorber body (following the use of plastics for the production of thrust and levers). Of course, as long as all these ideas are at the level of research and research, but above them really think, analyzing the possible options.

Experts perfectly understand that many questions arise with plastics, especially in the context of maintainability and reliability in road traffic accidents. However, these questions do not embarrass them, the decision is looking for, the likelihood that it will be found quite high. Or…. Or a helix of technical progress, having completed the next round of development, suddenly change its direction, but in any case, no one will refuse from the achievements. Lightweight designs, electronics — the general line is obvious, and regardless of how the power unit will be driven by a vehicle — an internal combustion engine, an electric motor or anything else. All the same, he will need a suspension — effective, guaranteeing safety and comfort.

And another important tendency in the context of all of the foregoing should be considered. The resource today is no longer dominant parameter. That is, of course, there is no speech about creating «disposable» parts, but their resource is no longer a determining factor, whether we are talking about the suspension or any other systems, nodes and vehicle units. There is nothing to be surprised here, everything is quite natural — elementary physics and nothing personal. We are just forced to sacrifice the resource for achieving greater efficiency, because the resource is more weight, this is a massiveness, it is inertness, etc. Do not confuse the resource and reliability: with reliability, the compromises are excluded a priori, but a resource … in the end, well Who today gets a new car for life? Today they buy cars based on other priorities: fuel efficiency, dynamics, convenience and comfort of movement, management confidence. The resource is thought to last in the last place, and indeed, whether anyone is thinking …

What is in this regard to make auto service?

Well, at least such an example. What is very often suffering in our conditions? Naturally, no pipes — our antifungal reagents are erupted. The air conditioning system tubes are damaged (everyone knows), but the pneumatic suspension pipes. Another problem that occurs there is condensate. From him, definitely, you can not get anywhere, and therefore, as in air conditioning systems, moisture collectors are used in the systems, but who knows about them? Not every mechanic, but what about motorists about motorists? And this certainly needs to know and regularly change them.

Or another example. Again the pneumatic system. It is necessarily equipped with a receiver, which is necessary to smooth air intake. The situation is very common, when, due to any problems in the pneumatic part of the shock absorber, the compressor is forced to work constantly in the morning to ensure proper pressure. So the compressor works, it works, overheats, clinical and eventually fails. There is no to immediately spit and go to the service! Car owners do not pay attention to this, although there is an indicator that shows that the system is incorrect. This is heard — regular measured buzz, usually taken for air conditioning. But this is not air conditioning, this is a compressor that is about to break.

The list of such problems, faults and problems can be continued without end. The service should greatly navigate in all of them, giving competent, adequate recommendations to its customers, advising them and fulfilling the necessary repair and diagnostic procedures in full.

And just the diagnosis is of paramount importance.



On some cars, the manufacturer does not provide a procedure for replacing silent blocks — the node must be changed assembly. Nevertheless, separate silent blocks can be changed — they are offered by some companies. But here you need to understand that new silent blocks do not make sense to put in the already worn knot. They are poorly fixed there, and so on. The client again appears a knock in the suspension.

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Often, after repairing the suspension, the collapse is not made. It is very critical. Remember that any interference in the suspension is fraught with a change in the score parameters.

Also among classic errors — power installation and disassembly. In particular, levers. For them (especially aluminum) it is completely unacceptable — when in the process of recovery or simply removal / installation, the sledgehammer is used. This is a large share of probability leads to serious mechanical damage.

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