HERTH + BUSS spare parts


HERTH + BUSS is a German company specializing in spare parts, auto electrician, diagnostics and other electrical equipment used for car maintenance.

The family-owned enterprise Herth + Buss founded in 1925 and for over 90 years, successfully develops its activities. The past 2018 was successful for the company — annual turnover amounted to 85 million euros.

Over the past 12 months:

• Opened a new automated warehouse with a volume of 6.000 palletism.


• Distribution network in more than 83 countries of the world.

• Portal Herthundbuss.com allows you to satisfy foreign customer requests in their native language.

• Herth + Buss company awarded award «For High Quality» —Ludwig-Erhard-Preis Excellence 2019 Silver Award

Service and customer satisfaction

The progress of the enterprise is due to the high quality of products and comprehensive service. The company provides its customers with comprehensive service and know-how. Certified Products and Competent Logistics Management provide parts at 95%.

Brand quality

Under the Herth + Buss trademark, two product ruler are presented: ELPARTS and JAKOPARTS. ELPARTS — Contains a full range of electrical equipment for cars and trucks. The assortment of Jakoparts is spare parts of the highest quality for Japanese and Korean cars.

International Scale

The HerthundBuss.com portal is an effective online catalog that allows you to quickly identify parts taking into account the specifics of various countries. Foreign customers will find information in their native language. The current trend is the replacement of the classic printing catalog of products electronic. Being a certified data provider and a companion of the leading online platform «TecDoc», the company introduces detailed information about its products to the global network.

About company

• Foundation year: 1925.

• Branches in Belgium, France, Great Britain and Spain.

• ELPARTS: Over 9.200 special parts for passenger and trucks.

• Jakoparts: more than 18.500 articles for Asian cars.

• Absolutely accurate identification of parts.

• TecDoc — from online requests, orders and before paperwork.

• Permanent supplier for international associations of the participants of the Aftermarket market and post-warranty service — ATR AD, Global One, Groupauto, Nexus and Temot.