How many «minibuses» in Russia?


An analytical agency «AUTOSTAT-INFO» calculated how many light commercial vehicles travels on Russian roads at the moment.

As of the beginning of the second half of 2019, in Russia, as is well known from the Materials of the Avtostat Info, there are 3.5 million appliances related to the class of light commercial cars.

In this volume, Russian techniques prevail — 2.22 million units. (share — 64.3%), and foreign cars account for 1.24 million pieces. (35.7%). At the same time, the solid share in the LCV park is occupied by cars produced until 2010. Such LCV has 2.25 million pcs.

For comparison of the 2012 technology, the issue is registered in an amount of 180,855 units., And on machines manufactured in 2011 account for 179,346 units. LCV release of 2013 in the park there are 173,561 units.

Light commercial cars

Among the brands of the LCV market with most representation in the fleet of technology, we note also: