Hyundai is all deeper «eats» to Russia


The Hyundai Korean automaker Hyundai is interested in the Hyundai Korean automaker in St. Petersburg.

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Evgeny Elin said that negotiations were underway to buy this enterprise located in Shushary. Today, this production site has a capacity of 100 thousand cars per year and can be expanded in more than twice.

When an American giant went to Russia, he originally laid a small capacity of only 25 thousand cars. But then, on a wave of growing demand, when the popularity of cars manufactured here, Chevrolet and Opel cars have grown, increased it to 60 thousand cars (or 98 thousand cars per year with three-chand work).

General Motors planned to increase the production capacity of its company to 230 thousand cars per year. But after the Crimean events in June 2015, the concern left Russia.

Since then, the automotive plant is idle.

Experts explain the great interest of the Korean automaker by the fact that the existing plant «Hyunda Motor Manufekchuring Rus», located also in St. Petersburg, has the highest load in the Russian automotive industry (according to the 2018 data, it was 107%). That is, the company approached the exhaustion of physical ability to increase the production of cars.

Today, the release of cars at the enterprise is divided between two stamps — Hyundai and Kia. And both automakers clearly lack capacity. Part of the models of two Korean brands produced on a contract assembly at the Kaliningrad enterprise «Avtotor».

At one time, the GM plant was built with solid support for the St. Petersburg budget. In particular, all engineering communications approached by the enterprise were erected for these funds.

In the past 2018, a joint British-Belarusian enterprise «Yunson» showed an active interest in the GM plant. But subsequently it was announced that the Russian company will be engaged in restarting, the name of which was kept secret.

By the way, in the neighborhood in the city of Vsevolozhsk, the Leningrad region is idle another car assembly enterprise of the American automaker

Auto-business experts note that negotiations between