In jazz only … news!


The official premiere of Honda Jazz fourth generation will be held on October 23 at Tokyo Motor Show, pre-show — next week in Amsterdam. In Europe, Honda Jazz is popular.

Shortly before the premiere in Tokyo Honda published the next-generation jazz hatchback teaser demonstrating the novelty profile. Thanks to the previously published spyware, it is already known that the new generation of the model will differ more massive bumpers, a new radiator solved and new LED optics: the front headlights are increased in size, the rear lights changed the vertical orientation to the horizontal and flow to the rear passenger door.

According to rumors, the hatchback will receive a new logo with the name of the model, drawn by vertical capital letters, and not it in italics. Thanks to photospion, it is known that the new hatchback is deeper than that of the current generation, the dashboard, a different steering wheel and a new multimedia system with a metal edging around the display.

In the European market, the Honda Jazz fourth generation will be offered exclusively with a hybrid power plant, which one in the company did not specify. According to preliminary information, the installation will get a hatchback from Honda Insight a new generation, debuting in January 2018 in Detroit. At the sedan, it consists of a 1.5-liter gasoline «atmospheric» operating on the Atkinson cycle, two electric motors, a lithium-ion battery block and variator. The total return of the INSIGHT power plant is 153 hp Most of the time the car moves on the electric coast. In this case, the engine works as a generator.