Innovative Actros from Tatarstan


Mercedes-Benz cargo division in Russia displays the updated Mercedes-Benz Actros with innovative options. The start of the production of a series of heavy trucks and truck tractors with a complete mass of 18 to 33 tons is scheduled for the end of 2019 — the beginning of 2020 at the Daimler Kamaz Rus company in Naberezhnye Chelny.

According to the press center of the enterprise, today the work of the truck driver is not limited to the car control on the road. It must maintain contact with the client and dispatcher, plan the route and respond flexibly to changes. In the updated Mercedes-Benz Actros, all systems are collected in a well-organized interface. So the driver can focus on the most important thing — on the road.

The new release includes 17 packages of innovative systems created to increase fuel and operational efficiency, as well as the safety of the use of a truck. Among them are such innovative systems.

Active Drive Assist

Instead of the main and wide-angle rear view mirrors, the system is used

Active Brake Assist 5

Multimedia dashboard

«Already now we can say that a new era of the future trucks is open, they are high-tech, innovative, interactive and comply with the current needs of client companies and drivers,» Andreas Deutisha, General Director of Daimler Kamaz Rus comments. — It is doubly important that such machines are not stuck at the stage of prototypes, but go into a series, proving their effectiveness, efficiency and safety in real roads. The emergence of innovative options for a new generation Mercedes-Benz Actros in Russia is a large technological step forward for the entire branch of commercial vehicles in the country. And we are especially pleased that these models will be produced on the Russian manufacturing site. «

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