JapanParts will produce pneumatic moduli


Components for pneumatic suspension and spare parts for suspension systems with electronic control of the stiffness of the shock absorbers included a Japanese company in its range.

Both categories of nodes are often found on fresh and relatively new European cars.

Due to the release of the new line, JapanParts Group significantly expanded the shock absorbers of the models of the main brands of European and American cars: from Volkswagen Group to the FCA Concern cars (Fiat-Chrysler) and from Renault to PSA Groupe.

Gamma offered by the company in this segment of components includes parts for cars BMW, GM, Mercedes, Subaru, Toyota and Volvo, Cadillac, Hummer, Land Rover, Smart, Piaggio, DR and many other brands.

Japanparts brand line, Ashika and Japko include:

Supplement the gamma supports of shock absorbers, as well as dust sets, which due to six articulating codes are covered by 92% of the total vehicle in operation (according to the manufacturer’s applications).

All components with the above-mentioned articles are already available at the central warehouse of the company in Verona.