Kia Seltos will play another batch


The new Korean crossover is even before the release of our market «Obserili» «Hyundai Creta’s killer». True, the data that has just appeared on the Internet, configurations and a number of other information, indicate that no «killer» does not work out of the new car.

Pleasant Tomorrow, waiting for the new crossover, allowed some motorists to create a forum dedicated to the Kia Seltos model. So this forum site has information about the equipment, a set of power units for the crossover, which will be on sale in Russia only in the first half of 2020.

Thanks to the «plum» one of the official dealers of the Korean brand it became known that the so-called. The «killer» Hyundai Creta will receive two engines in our market. This is a well-known NU 2.0 gasoline engine, which develops 149 hp. And known to our motorists, because it is installed on Hyundai and Kia cars. Motor is aggregated with a stepless variator. The second engine 1.6 T-GDI develops the power of 177 hp And works together with a seven-step preselective robot. We recently told about him on our channel.

The first engine will be combined both front and four-wheel drive. A more powerful unit will be offered only in version 4WD.

Kia Seltos will receive eight options for monochrome coloring (all metallic): white, gray, black, blue, orange, silver, blue, yellow, as well as 6 two-color options: red with white roof, yellow with white roof, yellow with black roof, Blue with white roof, blue with black roof, gray with beige roof.

It is expected that the packages will be five: Luxe, Style, Prestige, Premium and Premium +. In general, each subsequent equipment includes all the options of previous equipment.

The crossover assembly will be organized by a large way at the Avtotor factory in Kaliningrad. The prices of the novelty have not yet been announced, they will be known closer to the start of sales.

The Moscow office of the Korean automaker quickly responded to the draining. The journalists turned to the following answer turned around: «We cannot confirm or refute the information set out in the publication on the Internet forum. Official information on KIA SELTOS equipment and its production for the Russian market will be published closer to the start of the sales, which is scheduled for 2020. «

That is, a weighty share of truth in plum is available, because it seems to be refuted as it is not with the hands. But we paid attention to this moment. The more powerful engine of the new crossover (177 hp) and the drive for all 4WD wheels, a priori suggests that the cost of the crossover will be higher than the car, which should be a victim of Kia Seltos. We are talking about Hyundai Creta. So Koreans were more like a «premium price», and not a killer, there were cars in a few different niches and targeted audiences. After one of the first test drives, domestic autosocurrenists, we heard such an uncompromising verdict of one of them: «Creta is an honest product of Korean engineering, but SELTOS (again, like Arkana) is already trying to climb into my pocket under the Surdine Massee, mass prestige. Does my example follow my example — or thirst for beautiful life prevails over mercantile considerations? «.