KIA SPORTAGE success in Russia is cleaned from diesel


The symbolic stotchery frontier overcame the most successful crossover of the KIA brand in the Russian Federation. The fourth generation of Kia Sportage started in the Russian market in the spring of 2016. The assembly of the car is conducted at the Kaliningrad Plant «Avtotor».

According to the Korean company,

According to the eight months of this year, according to the European Business Association (AEB), 23,005 KIA Sportage is sold. The car confidently took the seventh line of the Russian rating of passenger cars and practically «breathes in the back of the» Renault Duster, whose sales amounted to 24.5 thousand units.

But from next year, the sales of diesel versions of KIA Sportage are stopped in our market.

It is reported that such a modification is practically not in demand.

Perhaps consumers scares the price, since the cost of the car in such a performance has already crossed the mark of two million. But such a crossover is equipped with a full drive and automatic.

However, the Korean automaker reports that 54 percent of the crossovers sold are equipped with a complete drive system, respectively, 46 percent of the front-wheel drive version of the crossover.

If we talk about the preference of customers in choosing a transmission, the most popular box is a machine, on cars with automatic transmission accounts for 85 percent of the total number of cars sold.

Recall that the company’s plans for 2020 — the launch of two new products in Russia. This is a compact crossover SELTOS and SUV