Lada Vesta urgently need an «automatic»


The domestic automaker Lada cheerfully reported that against the background of the fall of the car market for the 3rd quarter of this year, he has grown selling two bestsellers Granta and Vesta. However, few people noticed alarm signal.

Actually the very cheerful report, which «quail» car and non-automotive media looks like this. In September, AvtoVAZ dealers implemented 11,208 copies

Recall that such a positive effect was possible thanks to the update of the Granta family and the inclusion of models in the hatchback bodies and the universal — this happened in the fall of 2018. That is, the recipe for the dynamic growth of the car is relatively simple.

As a result of «face suspenders» and Reneming (Kalina, Kalina went down in history), the family has increased the number of body types, therefore a phenomenal sales growth was provided.

Today, the Lada Granta family is represented by Sedan, Liftback, Hatchback, Universal and his cross-version. The engine range includes engines with a capacity of 87, 98 and 106 hp, List of transmissions: 5-speed «mechanics», AMT and a Jatco automatic box. The result is natural. Lada Granta is the leader of the Russian market.

But another bestseller

Lada Vesta is available in the body sedan and wagon, the version of Cross is available for each type. In the motor compartment Vesta 106- or 122-strong engines, for each of which, in addition to the mechanical box, AMT is available. And here it is worth the most limiter to sell the flagship of the domestic automaker.

As it turned out, the «robot» is popular with domestic motorists does not particularly use. See yourself. According to the Analytical Agency Avtostat, following the eight months of 2019 (other more recent data has not yet been published), Lada Vesta with AMT (two-seamed version) is sold in an amount of 6,678 copies. This is 9% of the total number of specified specimens on the specified period. That is, one motorist takes a two-week version, and accordingly, 10 buyers acquire a car with the «poker». And this is, as it completely negatively characterizes the domestic flagship of AvtoVAZ. Low demand for Lada Vesta with automated transmission is all the more noticeable against the background of a global tendency to reduce the share of «mechanics».

And some more numbers. Most of all Lada Vesta from AMT was bought in a universal type body — their share accounts for 70% (4,658 copies), and the overwhelming majority of these type of transmissions chosen this type of transmission preferred. The share of sedans with AMT accounts for only 30%, respectively.

That is, the signals from the market is obvious. If the Lada Vesta will soon not appear the machine, then the sales of the model will suit their ceiling. Although how to say. After all, the domestic car beats competitors with its price. Currently, Lada Vesta can be purchased with a 5-speed «mechanical» or «robot» with the same number of gears at a price (on sedans) from 607 thousand rubles to 881 thousand rubles.

But long at one price you won’t leave. Therefore, according to the plans of the flagship of AvtoVAZ for several months will acquire a stepless automatic transmission.

We are on our channel repeatedly

But it is worth repeating. The Jatco JF015E variator will work with the Renault H4MK engine (its power 113 hp, 152 nm of torque). As noted on AvtoVAZ, the Jatco JF015E resource is at least 250,000 km of run, provided that there is a regular change of oil in the box (once in 70,000 km or more often), cleaning the heat exchanger and careful operation (the box does not like aggressive storming of borders). The variator has long been getting rid of child diseases — it is not afraid of low temperatures, long slippers and heavy loads. At the same time, until the first repair of the car usually go 100-150 thousand km.

Perhaps the installation of the variator or as it is called a stepless automatic transmission in theory, driving the drain sales of Lada Vesta. In the meantime, the power of the Lada Izhevsk plant is not 100% loaded, there are still reserves of production capacity. This year, the company is planning to release 112 thousand cars Lada Vesta. For comparison, 108 thousand cars of the model range flashed from the conveyor last year.